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Form 6 February Frolics

Form 6 February Frolics

The past two weeks have flown by and have continued to be filled with plenty of fun and hard work. Sport and patrol competitions have been particularly exciting this week, with the patrol cross country and the Mansfield Cup competitions and a visit from Alan Murdoch, from Merchiston School demonstrating Golphin. 

The Patrol Cross Country includes every child in the school and there is a real team spirit and sense of achievement, as the Form 1 and 2s help support the younger years, with lots of encouragement and cheers. The Mansfield Cup is a music competition, where the patrols prepare several music pieces and perform against each other in front of a judge. 

Golphin is a brilliant way of introducing the game of golf and linking it to the curriculum, particularly with maths and literacy. The children are taught the basic skills of golf whilst also using the various games to work on the different maths topics and spellings such as the use of suffixes and prefixes. Despite the chilly weather, the children got stuck in and really enjoyed it. 


Our space topic has moved on to look at the International Space Station and what it would be like to be an astronaut. There were a lot of questions about how they go about their everyday lives up in Space. In particular, there was great excitement about how astronauts use the toilet and go to sleep. 

In the performing arts, the children are continuing to work hard on their recorders with Mrs Parks. They have started the dance routine to ‘A spoonful of sugar’ in the Mary Poppins musical, which will take place in the final week of term. The children have picked up the moves very quickly, so it is now time to get going on the exciting costume hunt. 

In Computer Science the children have started a project where they are putting together a circuit with a multicoloured LED. They have been learning about the fundamentals of electricity to understand how the project will work. 

The Form 6 Star of the Fortnight is Isobel. She has been working brilliantly and has been challenging herself across all subjects. She is always helpful in the classroom and gives Cora plenty of cuddles.