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Form 6: Spring in their Steps!

Form 6: Spring in their Steps!

The last 3 weeks of the Spring Term have been action-packed and full of fun! The children have been working hard in the classroom whilst also taking part in sports matches, going on trips, rehearsing and performing in Mary Poppins, and helping to host an Open Morning and our first Pre-Prep Taster Morning.

In Music, Form 6 have been singing ‘Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud’ by Flanders & Swann with Form 5 helping them. They are also making great progress on the descant recorder and reading sheet music. We hope to give a concert next term!

In Drama, the children have been rehearsing and working on their stage presence for their performance in Mary Poppins. Key points for development have been: stage presence, facial expressions and choreography.


In Art, the children have been working with clay.  They have made pinch pots to form fish and other sea creatures and decorated them with pressed in patterns. This week, we drew self-portraits with Easter bonnets. We looked carefully at the proportions of the face and used our imagination to design the elaborate bonnets.

In DT, the children have continued with their robots made from recycled materials, remembering that the robot must have a specific skill to help people in some way.

On Saturday 12th March, Form 6 came into school to take part in the school’s
Open Morning. They took part in various activities whilst welcoming and helping our visitors. At the end of the following week, the children had a visit from all our new children who will be joining us when our wonderful Pre-Prep opens next term! We even had one of the children join us on Zoom! Together, in groups, the children designed and built shelters out of various different materials. The children had great fun and the results were fantastic.

On Tuesday 15th March, Form 5 and 6 went on an adventure to Bamburgh Castle. There was such excitement that we managed to go to England and back in one day!  On arriving, we were taken on a fabulous tour of the castle. The children were engaged and asked brilliant questions – our tour guide complimented them all and said how great it was to show round such a lovely group. After the tour, the children enjoyed a run around on the incredible beach below the castle before tucking into their packed lunches. Next stop was the Grace Darling Museum. The children took part in a dramatisation of the story that led to Grace Darling’s leap to fame many years ago. Finally, we visited the church where Grace and her family were laid to rest.

Only two days later we were off on another exciting trip to Dynamic Earth, while our Eco Group hosted and presented the very first Sustainability Conference at Belhaven, COPPS1.  The focus of the trip was also on the environment and we enjoyed a very informative and interactive workshop about plastic and the length of time it takes for everyday items to decompose. This was followed by a brilliant tour, which took us back in time to the Big Bang, and the premiere screening of ‘Under Pressure’ in the Planetarium. 

Our final Star of the Fortnight for this term goes to Innes. He has made super progress with his reading and in his maths this term. Well done!

As the days get longer and warmer, we look forward to seeing the children back for a wonderfully busy and exciting Summer Term and we simply cannot wait to welcome all of our new pupils as we launch the Belhaven Pre-Prep!  In the meantime, I wish you all a well-deserved rest and fabulous Easter Holiday!