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Form 6 on Safari

Form 6 on Safari

Sea, Islands, Animals and Forts rounded off with a Bushcraft day.

On Monday, Form 6 set off on their trips with great anticipation and excitement. Our first stop was North Berwick where we visited the Seabird Centre, followed by the boat trip around Craigleith and the Bass Rock. The children loved the bumps as we shot across the water towards the incredible sight of the Bass Rock towering out of the sea. Here we saw thousands of gannets up close. On our return we stopped off at the Rocketeer restaurant to pick up our delicious fish and chips which we ate on the beach. Next we headed off towards Dalkeith where the children enjoyed ice cream and the wonderful playground of Fort Douglas.


Imagine seeing elephants and giraffes on a school day!

On Tuesday, we drove to Blair Drummond Safari Park and it was another wonderfully hot day. On arrival we drove past the various wild animals on our mini safari in the bus. There were great hopes that the monkeys might jump on the bus but sadly this was not the case this time! Other activities included visiting the giraffes, rhinos and elephants as well as the farm animals. The children finished off the day with a refreshing ice lolly and a stroll through the Dinosaur Safari Park.

Our final day of trips this week brought us to Blinkbonney Woods for a day of Bush Craft. This is, in many ways, the ‘natural habitat’ of this group of children as they simply adore the outdoors and are incredibly knowledgeable about various survival techniques. They are also very willing to give everything a go with big smiles on their faces. The children learnt to light a fire using flint and steel; to clean water for drinking and to build shelters. They also had the opportunity to wander through the beautiful woods with an experienced guide, pointing out the wildlife and plants.

Bush craft was terrific!

After the past couple of years, we felt incredibly fortunate to be able to go on these trips together. We had the best time; a truly wonderful way to finish off the year!