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Girls' Hockey: 1st v Merchiston

Girls' Hockey: 1st v Merchiston

1st Girls’ Hockey v Merchiston

4 - 3

Goals – E Jack (pen.), G Corstorphine, G Corstorphine (pen.)

It was a quick turnaround on the pitch leaving little time for a warm up. The girls had been working hard in training but unable to play together as a team, it was finally an opportunity to show case their skills. As soon as the whistle went, they went for the jugular, if the boys had thought they were in for an easy ride and needed to mind their manners they did not think it for very long! Tackles were quick and strong, the boys were going to have to use more than their ‘physical advantage’ to bypass this lot. The girls worked the ball around the pitch nicely, making regular forays into the attacking end only to be tackled on the edge of the D. Early on, we crossed into the D and won a running penalty; Eliza took it and pushed the ball wide of the goal as the keeper came straight at her.

Merchiston used their own right hand side to make similar attacks but struggled to get the ball passed Grace, who tracked the ball brilliantly. Bella was able to send the ball up the pitch quickly on the odd occasion for Robyn or Louisa to pick up. Merchiston were also quick on the break leaving some of our midfield stranded too high up the pitch, when this happened the pressure was on the defence to pick off the players but they were outnumbered. Twice they were able to capitalise. One attack resulting from a quickly played 16 got us another running penalty. Eliza was able to try again, this time she didn’t waver as the keeper ran straight at her. The ball slid into the goal. Just before half time, a run from Bea took the ball in to the D, deflected off Louisa into the air and tantalisingly missed Robyn as she launched herself to reach the post.

The teams didn’t relent in the second half. This time the girls worked harder to meet the ball and track back on the break. This frustrated the opposition who found they needed to keep switching play to find a way in to the D. They were successful on occasion, winning a running penalty, which they scored and a second goal came from a good team effort. Our breaks also kept coming, Georgie was able to drive the ball up the right hand side and send the ball into the D for Bea, Louisa or Robyn to take shots. In the end, a run straight into the D by herself scored our second goal. As the legs got tired and the game drew to an end the tackles got a bit scrappy and Georgie won a running penalty just at the top of the D. With no hesitation, she ran it in and a straight strike went onto the backboard through the keepers legs.

It was a brilliant match; the girls gelled as a team immediately. It was a proud moment to see them put together such a performance. Well done!