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Girls' Hockey: 2nd v Loretto


Goals Galore as the 2nds Grow in Confidence

Opponents: Loretto
Date:             Wednesday, 15th September
Time:             2.30pm
Venue:          Loretto

Fresh from their opening match on Saturday, the 2nds travelled to Musselburgh today to play Loretto in bright, warm conditions.

Loretto started off with the ball but the sun in their eyes and were soon dispossessed by some determined tackling. It didn’t take long to get the ball down into the opposition circle and with just a couple of minutes played, Willow had scored her first goal of the match to put Belhaven in the lead.

Loretto had some skilful players but, as on Saturday, Belhaven seemed to combine as a team with players covering for each other, linking up and making some good passes. Alice was effective in the midfield, collecting the ball, moving into space and then delivering it. Izzy benefitted from this in the 9th minute as she got the ball in the circle and slotted it past the keeper for our second goal.

Further goals came in the 14th and 19th minute, with Alice collecting a brace.

I was pleased with the girls’ first half performance: Emelia was solid in defence, moving well to meet any attacks and drifting across the field with play. Olivia and Alma held their positions well and tackled tenaciously, Olivia especially falling back in defence when required, while Victoire’s effort was truly impressive – she is determined not to let anyone past and willing to cover every inch of the pitch in needed.

Half time score: Belhaven  4  -  0  Loretto

At half time I asked the girls to work on two things: using the wide channels more and switching from attack mode into defence mode (and visa versa) quickly.

It was Loretto who scored first (3 minutes in) but that didn’t trouble the girls and they came straight back from that. Ishbel had an excellent second half, seeming to grow in confidence and after making tackles deep in her own circle, made a couple of excellent runs into the wide right channel and then feeding the ball down the line to Olivia or Willow. Willow never stopped running which is exactly what one wants from one’s striker and she made some great leads into space, constantly troubling the defence.

The second half was altogether a closer affair with Loretto having a number of scoring opportunities; fortunately, when they did beat our defensive line, we had Louisa in goal and she made a good number of saves – more impressive than these, perhaps, was her ability to clear her line with powerful kicks which could turn defence into attack.

Goals in the 17th minute for Alice and 18th minute for Willow sealed the game.

Another very encouraging performance, girls, and it is fab to see you improving on Saturday’s performance. Keep it up.

Final Score: Belhaven Hill 2nds   6  -  1  Loretto

Player of the Match: Willow for all the effort she put in, even when not on the ball.