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Girls Hockey U11 v Cargilfield

Girls' Hockey: U11 v Cargilfield

Belhaven 6 – Cargilfield (C team) 2

Putting their last game behind them, the girls enjoyed a warm up match in their Tuesday games session against the boys.  This prepared them nicely for the match today, where Cargilfield kindly sent their U11 C team to play us.

This was a far more evenly played match this afternoon with both teams advancing quickly onto the ball.  Our aim as a team today was to try and use the width of the pitch and to look for players to pass to.  Both were well used in the game today!  After a well played first few minutes, India soon had the ball just inside our attacking circle and took a shot at goal – it went in meaning that we has scored our first goal this season!  The smiles on their faces said it all and they continued to play with confidence wanting a second goal.  Using the width of the pitch and moving more with the ball gave Amelia the next break, being free in the middle of the pitch she received the ball and ran towards the goal.  Cheers all round as another goal was scored.  Cargilfield were keen to get a goal in, and despite a few wide balls and shots at goal, along with some superb defending from Iona and Liv, they managed to catch our defence out and sneak a ball over the goal line.  By half time, Belhaven were in the lead 2 - 1.

Full of excitement the girls began the second half, knowing they had to play carefully and not allow any mistakes to happen.  Willow took a shot on goal but it was soon stopped by the Cargilfield defence but Ottilie was well placed to stop the ball as it was cleared to score a third and then a fourth goal.  After some well fought attacking, and some amazing pressure defending by Daisy, Cargilfield scored a second goal bringing the scores closer once more.  It was soon Wendy’s turn from a great interception to drive the ball forward and sneak it past the defenders and into the goal.  Our girls still worked hard on the pitch as Cargilfield had a few breaks, playing the ball wide and into the circle.  Iona made some great interceptions in defence, clearing the ball away.  One final run of the second half saw Amelia score the final goal of the match.

What a difference in the game today: even teams and some great play.  You did the three things that I asked:

Play wide on the pitch
Move with the ball
Score a goal

Wish for next match: continue to be confident on the ball.