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Girls Hockey U11 v Loretto


Belhaven's U11 Hockey Team improve for victory in final Game of the Season

The girls arrived at Loretto full of enthusiasm despite the cold weather and began to warm up.  Willow was captain today and chose to start the game.  The team got off to a flying start keeping possession of the ball and passing amongst each other. The Loretto goalie was tested early on in the game and made a great save.  Willow soon picked up the ball from a great pass from Iona, clearing the circle and made a great run up the pitch, unchallenged.  Ottilie was waiting in the attacking circle, controlled the ball and had a shot at goal – and we scored!

Smiles all round and we went back to defending the pass, play remained even and it was soon Liv’s chance to defend the goal.  Some great saves, rebound after rebound, allowed Daisy to collect the ball and clear the circle, passing the ball forwards into a space each time.  Amelia worked hard to get free from her opponent, moving the ball round in a wide circle to create space on the pitch before moving it forwards.  By half time the girls were still one goal ahead.

The second half began well and play was even, both teams having chances at goal. Wendy continued to work tirelessly on the pitch, going for every tackle she could to clear the ball.  Loretto soon made a good clear pass into our circle, catching us out and managed to score to take the game 1 - 1.  Keen to get back ahead, the girls worked well as a team, looking for players, spacing out and going for a tackle.  India was super at diving in for every ball and intercepting a ball whenever she could.  Another break from our defensive duo, clearing the circle soon got the ball to Willow and straight to Amelia, driving the ball forward and ready to shoot.  A second goal for the team!  The girls worked hard to keep the score as it was and despite some further great efforts at goal from both teams, Belhaven were the final winners of this match.

Well done girls – what a great way to end the season.  You have made so much progress with your hockey this term.  It was great that Loretto played an U11b team today and so lovely too,  to hear the Loretto coach commend you for your play and notice how much you have improved in the last 4 weeks!

Belhaven 2 – Loretto 1

Just 8 stars today

Amelia for great positioning on the pitch and driving the ball forwards

Wendy for simply going in for every tackle possible

India for putting pressure on the opposition

Willow for some amazing runs and passes to the circle

Ottilie for holding her position well

Iona for some super clearances

Daisy for stopping the ball in the circle, clearing the ball wide

Liv for some super saves especially on the rebound