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Girls' Hockey and Boys' Rugby Match Reports against Cargilfield

Girls' Hockey and Boys' Rugby Match Reports against Cargilfield

Match Reports for Belhaven Hill's Girls' Hockey and Boys' Rugby matches against Cargilfield

Wednesday, 27th September

Girls' Hockey


Today’s match against Cargilfield was another tester for the girls, but this time at our home ground – Hallhill.

I set the girls just two targets for the match: to work hard and to hold their positions.

Cargi started with the ball and surged into the attack but we managed to repel them and then, for the next four or five minutes, the game was quite open with us just failing to make the most of a good opportunity in their D. They tended to play through the middle where they had one very dominant player but that did mean that there was some space out wide and Maya and Wendy were in position to take advantage of that. Five minutes in, they scored and then again shortly after that mostly due to us standing off tackles in our own D.

Frustratingly, they scored early on in the second quarter, again because we stood off the player but then we did brilliantly to hold them off for the next nine minutes and also launch some attacks of our own. Eloise was remarkable in midfield – I don’t think she stopped running for a second and she harried the ball carrier relentlessly. Liv again made some brilliant saves in goal and took a blow to the thigh in doing so.

In the third quarter, we conceded again but I continued to be impressed by the girls’ determination. Ottilie was good in defence and looked to distribute the ball whenever the opportunity allowed and Amelia’s positional play was good. Isla and Grace, both still lacking experience, rose to the challenge and gave good accounts of themselves.

Our target for the final quarter was to score a goal as that was the very least we deserved. Sienna, who had already covered a heck of a lot of ground, hung much higher and this strategy paid off as we surged forward a number of times through the wide channels. A penalty corner in the final minute was well run but we couldn’t quite manage to get the ball into the back of the net.

The final score is not flattering, but I was very impressed by the girls’ application and determination. They never gave up and they fought every step of the way, putting their bodies on the line, quite literally at times. We held our structure well and played some attractive hockey at times.

Work-ons include: not standing off players & developing our power game - specifically hitting the ball hard either when passing from the back, or shooting at goal.

Player of the Match: Eloise – phenomenal effort, she never stopped or gave up for one second. Impressive.


The 2nd Girls’ Hockey were at home on Wednesday playing at an increasingly wet Hallhill. We were playing a very strong Cargilfield team who started the game with the ball. The girls found their positions well on the pitch and all managed to stay in their position which helped to widen the game play.

A very well done to Guyonne who was awarded with player of the match. Her drive and determination to never give up was brilliant to see, especially with this match being her second ever!

All the girls played amazingly and kept going right to the end, despite the final score. A few special mentions must go to Iona who played some great hockey in defence. She was always able to get the ball out wide to spread out the play. To Willow, who saved many more goals than were let in, and some of those saves were very impressive too! And to Sawyer who played a strong match in a few different positions but always managed to carry the ball up the pitch.



Belhaven Clinches Victory: 4 - 3

In a riveting match between Belhaven Hill's U11B hockey team and Cargilfield, the relentless rain couldn't extinguish the fiery competition that unfolded on Cargilfield's turf. Despite the challenging weather conditions, the girls demonstrated unwavering determination and motivation.

From the outset, it was evident that this match would be a close contest. In the first quarter, Belhaven's Iris stepped into the spotlight with an outstanding goal that would eventually secure their triumph. Her precise strike set the tone for a hard-fought battle.

The second quarter saw Cargilfield take the lead by 3 to 1. However, Belhaven stepped up their game in the second half and as the rain continued Rose, Anastasia and Alice all scored  goals leading to Belhaven’s ultimate victory.

The fourth and final quarter proved to be a test of resilience and defensive prowess. Belhaven's Molly and Sienna emerged as defensive stalwarts, thwarting Cargilfield's attempts to level the score even though we didn’t have a goalie. In the end, their steadfast defence ensured a hard-earned victory for Belhaven Hill U11B.

Mrs Grey’s Player of the Match - Iris whose early goal in the first quarter was pivotal in securing Belhaven's lead. Throughout the match, her unwavering determination made her the standout player.



The Belhaven U11 team can take immense pride in their performance against Cargilfield in this memorable contest. Well done girls.


Belhaven 2 – Cargilfield 1

Belhaven 3 – Cargilfield 2

The girls were very excited as we drove to Cargilfield for our first away fixture.  We were down to play two 5 a side matches so the team had plenty of game time.  Mary took a knock to the knee as we started so gave it a rest whilst the team took positions on the pitch. Clara captained the team today and from the first whistle, the girls were keen to take possession.  Some superb defending in the first match from Eliza and Flora, who learnt to take free passes a little quicker in order to make full use of the space, allowed Heidi to make some good tackles when the ball came near.  Clara and Grace soon had the ball in the shooting circle and after an unlucky tap towards our goal form the Cargilfield defenders, the first goal was scored.  Cargilfield were quick to react and tried to get the ball to their shooting circle but some good stops and clearances fro Delphine soon saw the ball back in our possession. Grace and Clara worked their magic once more to score the second goal of the match.  Again, Cargilfield were quick to react and managed to score a goal just before full time.  Belhaven 2 – Cargilfield 1

Mary swapped in to play for the second match and the girls took off to a flying start.  A quick goal from Clara, assisted by Mary set the scoreboard rolling again.  Lots of support from the sidelines gave Eliza and Flora encouragement and both girls were tremendous at clearing the ball away.  Grace was next to drive the ball up to the circle and worked well to pass the ball towards goal, ready for Clara to tap in.  The team were certainly on a roll and working brilliantly together.  Heidi swapped in to give Grace a rest and was great at stopping the ball when it came to her and passing it forwards, and also getting back to help defend when needed. A good break from a free hit, and some good running with the ball from Delphine, saw the ball back in the Belhaven attacking circle and another goal for Clara.  Cargilfield were keen to get a goal back and were desperately aiming for the goal, keeping our defenders very busy.  One was soon scored for them from a great pass into the circle and they were certainly keen for one more.  Again, lots of clearances from our defenders stopped the score line but  Cargilfield managed one last goal before the final whistle. 

What a super set of matches today – they were so close and the results could have gone either way.  The Belhaven girls showed determination on the pitch and have improved greatly since their match last week.

Girl of the match – Eliza

Great passes out from Flora in defence, becoming more confident on the ball all the time

   Going into tackle for the ball rather than holding back

  All the girls taking time to control the ball more before passing

We need to look at positioning and spacing out on the pitch

Boys' Rugby


On the cusp of a storm that eventually broke late in the afternoon, and with a light drizzle from a cloudy sky, Belhaven had their first home match with a fixture against Cargilfield. The conditions were to affect the game throughout with the ball slipping from the grasp of both teams. Belhaven started well with a good break from Rafe but Cargilfield showed their class straight away with an early try. More was to follow and Belhaven could not seem to break the defensive line and were turned over in the ruck on multiple occasions. The positive was that Belhaven showed an excellent defensive press and were forcing errors from the opposition.
Half time score: Belhaven 0 - 28 Cargilfield

The second half went much the same as the first with Belhaven working hard and putting in the effort but without a successful break. Some excellent rugby from Cargilfield saw them pull away with several more scores.

A pleasing moment for Belhaven was their refusal to concede in the last five minutes with Cargilfied battering at their line. Some heroic defending from the likes of Archie as the last line of defence held the visiting team out. Ultimately, it was not to affect the outcome of the game with Cargilfield running out comfortable and deserved winners.
Final Score: Belhaven 0 - 56 Cargilfield

Coach’s thoughts: If we take this game as a lesson, there was a clear message. Cargilfield throughout the match were able to win the collision in both attack and defence and their speed to, and intensity at, the rucks was superior. This provided them with the majority of possession and ruck speed on which effective attacks were built and victory secured. There are things that our players will be disappointed about. Moving on to the ball at pace, tackle height, and speed to support have all been better than today.

There are of course positives. The depth in attack and defensive speed of our back line was great. If they had held onto the ball a little more, then scores would have come. There is also the attitude of the players in refusing to give up and believing in each other. If players have this, then we can continue to improve week-by-week. Belhaven will learn from this game. This group of players are going to get better fast.


Belhaven 3 – 12 Cargilfield

In challenging wet conditions, the U11A rugby team squared off against Cargilfield in a hard-fought match. Despite facing a formidable opponent and less than ideal weather, our young team exhibited commendable effort and determination, particularly so in the second half.

The first half proved to be a tough test. Wilbur sustained an injury in the first minute of the game and others following with various knocks. Cargilfield establishing a lead of 7-1 at the half time break; they capitalised on the slippery conditions and managed to break through the Belhaven defence. It was evident that our defensive line needed improvement, and the team's halftime discussions focused on tightening up our defence and running onto the ball at pace.

As the rain continued to pour, our team came out with renewed vigour in the second half. While Cargilfield managed to add to their lead, our players remained resilient and displayed improved defensive efforts. The second half ended with a score of 5-2 in favour of Cargilfield.

Juan emerged as a standout player, displaying some solid running lines and a determination in defence. He was thoroughly deserving of his two tries. Geordie and Tristan put their all into both attack and defence and their knowledge of the game – where to be and what to do – was clear to see. Patrick also made a significant contribution with a brilliant try, showcasing his speed and strength.

Xander earned the title of Man of the Match. His performance was marked by exciting runs and excellent tackling.

Ultimately it was a tough day for the boys, but they will undoubtedly learn from this experience and hopefully come back stronger as a result.

TriesPatrick, Juan (2)