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Girls' Netball: Match Reports against Fettes

Girls' Netball: 2nd Team v Fettes

1st Team against Fettes

Belhaven 14 – Fettes 19

Driving through strong winds and torrential rain, the girls arrived at Fettes relieved to be playing indoors.   Winning the toss, the Belhaven team started off and the ball was soon with them.  A little nervous as they knew Fettes were a strong team, got to them slightly as footwork errors crept in.  Fettes took the lead, and it wasn’t long though before Davina was in a space and took one of her one footed, well-balanced shots at goal.  With some secure passing and some great spacing from Mary as WA, the ball was back with Eliza and a couple more goals were secured. Belhaven 3 -Fettes 5

As the second half began, Fettes took the lead on court and with some swift moves, made it difficult at times for the Belhaven girls to intercept.  Alice and Grace did well in the defending circle to intercept passes and feedback out to Flora.  Fettes began to creep ahead with the goals this quarter. Belhaven 4 – Fettes 9

During the third quarter, Alice R switched in to play WA and Mary swapped to defence, to help Hester in the centre.  The girls tried hard to use the width of the court and not to let Fettes dominate the game with speed.  They found the centre passes difficult to execute in this quarter and so Fettes took the advantage of breaking our centre passes. Belhaven 7 – Fettes 15

Speaking before the last quarter, the girls were keen to work on getting their centre passes accurate and to slow the pace and control the game.  Alice and Grace were amazing in defence and intercepted every ball that came their way, making it difficult for the Fettes attack.  Flora proved to be a great link between Grace and Hester, controlling her feet and her marking distance.  Hester and Mary worked hard together to drive the ball forwards and keep moving around the attacking circle to pass the ball into the shooters.  Eliza and Davina were on a roll this quarter -7 goals between them narrowed the gap in the final score. Belhaven 14 – Fettes 19

Well done girls – a most impressive final quarter saw you back in the game with a great display of skills. 

Girl of the match – Mary for some fantastic play on court


Belhaven Hill Second Team 11 – 10 Fettes

With the cocktail of a week off, a slightly depleted squad, a late arrival from a visa debacle and incredibly tough opposition the Belhaven second netball team could have conceivably come unstuck in a fixture so soon into the second half of term. It certainly appeared that way as the first quarter caught the girls off guard as Fettes rushed into a 4-0 lead early in the game. Willow set her sights at the end of the quarter to bring the Belhaven girls back into contention.

The first quarter was a tale of shock and awe inflicted by strong opponents and at the break the team rallied and responded in the only way in which they know how. Swift attacks built from Alma at centre and Olivia at WA were soon fed into the trusty arms of Carmen and Willow who by now had well and truly adjusted their targets. With only the one goal to their name in the first quarter there was a sense that this would simply be ‘one of those days’ where goals would not come but that sense of foreboding was soon swept aside by an impressive six goals shot in the second quarter, shared equally by the aforementioned attacking duo. This improved attacking display was also matched by a strong rear guard display as Ottie and Izzy worked well together to thwart any attacks. 7-6 to Belhaven at the half way stage.

After the free flowing scoring of the first two quarters, both teams begun to tire as umpires began to pull up all players for footwork, obstruction and replay balls. This limited both teams’ attacking options but Victoria was able to feed Carmen for the only goal of the quarter. Bea, Victoire and Ottie worked well to limit a formidable Fettes attack (led by an OB) to just two goals leaving the scores all square at 8-8 going into the final quarter.

Using the confidence they have developed from previous weeks, the girls did not panic (unlike their coach) and settled into a good rhythm for the final 10 minutes. The ever reliable Willow and Carmen scored three well taken goals and with only two successful replies from Fettes, the win was dramatically sealed in the final quarter – final score 11 – 10 to Belhaven.

This was a brilliant, competitive game played to an extremely high standard. Well done to all who were involved. Things to work on will be the control of feet and ensuring that when the rules are tightened they concentrate on these elements even more so.