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Girls' Netball: Match Reports against Ardvreck

Girls' Netball: Match Reports against Ardvreck

This week's Netball Match Reports against Ardvreck:

1st Team against Ardvreck

Belhaven 18 – Ardvreck 14

After a very wet morning, the rain cleared as the girls headed out to the astro for their match.  Playing conditions were not ideal today but the girls warmed themselves up and got ready for the match.   Right from the first whistle, play was tight and the girls tried hard to make sure passes were accurate on court and were moving into spaces.  Eliza and Davina had some good space in the circle, with Davina feeding the ball into Eliza ready to shoot.  Alice and Grace defended the goal well but Ardvreck had some taller players, so the pair had to work around them.  By the end of the quarter Ardvreck were leading by one goal.  Belhaven 3 – Ardvreck 4

Play soon settled down and the girls got themselves into a rhythm of passes.  Mary made some great interceptions in the centre of the court, especially at centre passes and fed the ball along to Alma in attack.  Hester, as always, was nippy in the centre, finding space and creating width on the court.  With a goal a minute this quarter, Carmen and Eliza were able to position well in the circle to score.  Belhaven 10 – Ardvreck 7

Just a little way ahead, the girls found the third quarter a little tiring.  Great defending from Flora, and positioning in the defensive third helping Grace allowed us to keep the ball out and drive forwards along the court.  Poppy made some good linking passes in attack, ready to feed some more controlled balls into the circle.  Davina and Eliza both scored again this quarter. Belhaven 12 – Ardvreck 8

With still everything to play for in the final quarter, both teams stepped up the pace – 12 goals in 10 minutes reflects the work rate for both teams!

Well done girls – managing to stay ahead in cold and wet playing conditions, proved to be key.  You were beginning to control the game by slowing down and using the width of the court.

Player of the match (as voted for by Ardvreck)Hester


2nd Team against Ardvreck

Belhaven Hill Second Team 13 – 2 Ardvreck

The second team juggernaut just keeps rolling on. The weather took a turn for the worse on a cold, wet and breezy Saturday afternoon on the Belhaven netball arena. This did not seem to deter the girls as they eased into their rhythm from the first whistle. It was a familiar story in attack as the ball moved forward with pace into the attacking D as it found its way into the trusty hands of Sophie and Willow. Alice and Olivia continued to move the ball efficiently from the centre third into the end zone and the score ticked on nicely for the Belhaven girls as they finished the quarter leading 5-0.

More of the same was the order of the day for the second quarter as Izzy and Ishbel continued the good work in attack feeding the ball quickly and efficiently into Sophie who continued to score with impressive accuracy. In defence Ottie, Emilia, Louisa and Victoire maintained concentration despite having limited work to do. The score continued to tally up in Belhaven’s favour as they led 7-0 at half time.

In the third quarter the girls really switched on the style as Sophie shot with 100% accuracy and stretched the lead even further to 11-0. For the final quarter there was a number of rotations in player positions as Ottie took a well deserved rest from GK, Sophie from GS and Alice from centre. This allowed others to play in somewhat unfamiliar positions. Despite this, the girls continued to play with great energy and defended solidly. Olivia, despite her own surprise, scored a couple of goals as the game finished 13-2.

Another fantastic effort from the girls, well done.

U11 Team against Ardvreck

Today the U11s took the long journey to Ardvreck for their fourth match of the season. The girls were eager to put into practice what we had been practising in training and were positive for the match ahead. Team song and chants were even composed on the journey!  It was a bit of a horrible day in terms of the weather up at Ardvreck so rather than playing outdoors, the girls ended up playing at the local leisure centre.

The game was against Ardvreck’s very strong U11 A team. Iona made an excellent captain this week, displaying excellent leadership of the team. The Belhaven team worked very hard to intercept the ball and tried to put into practice driving into the space for the ball. There was some brilliant play and shooting from Ardvreck and they quickly managed to take the lead. Belhaven made a lot of progress throughout the match, and it was a great experience to play against such a good team. The girls are beginning to become more familiar with their positions and are starting to gain a better understanding of the netball rules. Sadly, not a win on this occasion but the game ended positively with a fantastic goal by Wendy. There were many positives and a few elements of play that the team needs further practice on.

A great learning experience and we are already looking forward to our next game. Well done, girls!