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Girls' Netball Match Reports v Loretto

Girls' Netball Match Reports v Loretto

This week's reports:

1st Team against Loretto

Belhaven 13 – Loretto 13

The girls got off to a good start in the game had to fight hard to keep the ball in the attacking third.  Some accurate passes into the circle allowed Sophie to position herself ready to feed the ball to Eliza. We took an early lead in the quarter with a couple of goals from Eliza but Loretto were beginning to defend well.  Their taller defenders made Poppy and Hester work hard in the centre of the court, whilst Ottie and Alice stopped the ball from entering out defending circle.  Some quick movement between the Loretto attack, saw them gain possession to begin scoring.  By the end of the first quarter Belhaven were 1 goal ahead.
Belhaven 4 – Loretto 3

The next quarter saw some excellent defending from Grace and teamed with Alice as GD, both girls worked hard to drive the ball forwards.  Alice R dodged her taller defender well, feeding the ball to Davina waiting to score.  A couple of goals from Davina this quarter boosted our score line, but Loretto were quick to respond.  Some fast centre pass moves tested our defence and by the end of the quarter Loretto were one goal ahead.
Behaven 6 – Loretto 7

For the next quarter, Sophie soon found the space to get free in the circle and shoot, whilst Eliza began to test her one legged shooting skills!  Keeping her balance well each time, the goals went in.  Poppy did well to feed the ball into the circle and Hester provided the important link on court between attack and defence.  Scores remained close by the end of the quarter with Belhaven only one goal ahead.
Belhaven 10 – Loretto 9

With everything still you play for, Alice T switched back to GK and with Alice R as WD, the defence remained strong.  Play switched from end to end very quickly, allowing errors at times, both teams scoring from their centre passes.  With just one minute left to play, Loretto were one ahead but some good movement on court and accurate passing, Eliza soon had the ball and with a giant stride, scored the equaliser just before the final whistle blew.

Well done girls – a very even game today.  The match could have gone either way but with some good movement on court, and passes becoming more accurate, teamed with some great defending you settled for a draw.

Girl of the matchAlice T for some excellent defending as both GK and GD

3 wishes for next match:

Space out on the court
Watch the loopy passes
Don’t run into each other’s spaces

The star moments of this match:

Grace’s amazing interception and Eliza’s one legged shots on goal

2nd Team against Loretto

The mighty second team juggernaut keeps rolling on ...

The team rung the changes as a selection of girls deservedly got a chance to play for the first team whilst others played their first game for the second team. Mary, Alma, Carmen and captain for the day Flora showed their qualities before the game had even started by ensuring that the girls took a drill from training to use in their warm up. This proactive start meant that the team started really sharply, particularly in attack. Alma frequently gained possession in the centre of the court and moved the ball quickly through Olivia, Willow and ultimately into the sharp-shooting Carmen. With a conversion rate of upward of 90%, Carmen and Willow scored nearly a goal per minute. With a solid display at the back from Mary, Lily and Flora ensured the girls went in 8-2 up at the end of the first quarter.

Bee, Louisa and Victoria came on in the second quarter and as Loretto got to grips with their passing, the game evened out. The second quarter was level, both teams scoring five goals each as Victoria shot accurately and was supported well by Willow.

The third quarter saw the Spanish flag planted firmly in the ground of the netball court. Like matadoras in the ring, Olivia, Victoria and Carmen took the bull by its horns and refused to let go. Their relentless attacking proficiency further added to Belhaven’s already healthy lead as the girls went into the final quarter 18-13.

In the final quarter, many girls were given the opportunity to play in different positions but it was really pleasing to see a high level of performance and effort was maintained throughout. Mary, Bee, Lily and Flora all got linked really well to form a solid defensive partnership as the attacking combinations continued to flourish. This combination allowed the score-line to stretch further as the game finished 24-15.

This was an excellent display of netball, girls, well done. You played with great skill but more importantly you won with grace and were respectful of your opponent both during and after the game.

U9 Team against Loretto

Today the girls played a match against Loretto U10s. They were nervous, particularly when they saw that the opposition were much taller. However, the nerves quickly turned into excitement and we began the game.

Beatrix captained the first match and won the toss, so she chose to have the first centre pass. We did brilliantly and within the first minute Iris scored a beautiful goal. The girls continued to play well but we kept passing to the reds instead of the blues and before we knew it they had scored a few goals. Isabella and Molly worked well in defence and Anastasia was a very energetic Wing, helping to get the ball down to the shooters. In the end, Loretto won but it was a very fun game and the girls enjoyed themselves.

It was great to have a second match today because it meant that every girl got a chance to play a full match. Isabella was captain of this game and did a fantastic job in defence. Isabella and Meme were a super team - there were lots of interceptions, which was particularly impressive as Meme’s partner was nearly twice her height! Anastasia was a brilliant centre, running all around the court. Isobel had a super game and managed to stick to her partner like glue! Iris and Clara did some good teamwork in the ‘D’ by passing to each other to get closer to the goal. It was a very close match, which made it even more exciting and fun. In the end Loretto won. It was smiles all round, however, because the girls felt really proud of their performance and they had a delicious sausage roll waiting for them at the end!

Well played girls!