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Girls' Rounders: 2nd v Ardvreck

Girls' Rounders: 2nd v Ardvreck

Intense, Exciting Atmosphere Brings Equality to Teams

Freya, who also happened to turn 13 the same day, was captain. She won the toss and chose to bat first. She started really well, scoring a rounder on the first ball but was unfortunately caught out on her 2nd ball. Poppy was unlucky to be caught out on her first ball, and Faith on her 2nd. Flora managed to confuse the bowler by doing a back hand hit, and overall she scored 2 and a half rounders, a fantastic score. Emilia managed to score a half-rounder without even hitting the ball! The girls did well with the last four balls, with Flora scoring a rounder on ball 27, Bee a half-rounder on ball 28 and Mary a rounder on the last ball. What a fantastic effort from all!

The girls did equally well in fielding. Poppy, Mary and Faith both caught out batters. Emilia played well as backstop, making accurate throws to Flora who was on 2nd post. Poppy stumped out several batters who were caught off guard.

After the first inning, the score was 6½ - 6½

Flora and Faith were our top batters in the 2nd inning, scoring 1½ rounders each. Congratulations also go to Alice who scored a rounder and Ishbel and Bee who each scored half-rounders. The girls were incredibly excited!

Davina was backstop in the 2nd inning. There was good fielding, especially from Freya. Mary caught out one of the batters and Flora stumped out a batter on the 2nd post. 

It was a very intense match. It all ended in a draw. Well done to all the girls! There was a lovely atmosphere and the two teams were very even so the final score was a fair reflection of that.

Final Result: 12½ - 12½