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Girls' Rounders: 1st Team Season's Report 2021

Girls' rounders: 1st Team Season's Report

Rounders Return Reaps Rewards

Having not played rounders since form 3, the senior girls quickly got back into the game and focused on their fielding skills.

Petronille led the team as captain and finding that her bowling was easily hit at times, she began to work in different styles of delivery.

Georgie was an excellent backstop, reading the game well and making some amazing catches.

Hester and Bella okayed well at 1st post and Bea was reliable at 2nd.

The deep fielders were kept busy in matches, quickly learning to run and great the ball rather than wait for it to roll towards you! Eliza and Louisa played these positions brilliantly and fielding back some balls quickly, demonstrating their powerful throws.

Caroline, Robin and Grace proved to be reliable mid fielders, catching many players out and moving quickly onto 3rd post.

We were fortunate to play 5 fixtures this term; the first being a wake up call and to remind us to keep alert. The next two matches against Ardvreck and Loretto were comfortable wins - we almost reached the end of the scoreboard with one of the matches! We found it hard to hit the ball in the match against St Mary’s but the team left their best fielding innings for their final match against Cargilfield. Playing this match as a Form 1 team, the fielding was tight and well coordinated.

Well done girls!