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Hadrian's Wall - an eventful trip for Form 2

Hadrian's Wall - an eventful trip for Form 2

This year’s trip to Hadrian’s Wall was nothing if not eventful.  With only one bus available the headmaster was kind enough to make a last-minute dash across the county to rescue the other one and on our way we were, albeit, 25 minutes late.

Our first stop was Vindolanda where we had the site explained to us.  Vindolanda was a Roman fort housing 500 legionaries and is being excavated every year.  There is enough digging left for a further 130 years!  While we were there the archaeologists dug up a Roman jaw and back bone.  Exciting stuff!

We had a good look round and then moved on to Steel Rig whence we walked the mile to Milecastle 39 and then ate our dinner looking at Sycamore Gap, voted most beautiful view in Britain recently.



A quick hop down and we were back at the buses.  Sadly, the day became more ‘exciting’, as we realised we had a puncture in one of our buses.

Mr. Curry was therefore forced to do shuttle runs to get the pupils to Housesteads, a fort for auxiliary 1,000 troops.  We had a good roam around and explored an incredibly intact Roman toilet house.  By the end of our time there Mrs. Leitch had caught up with the first bus in her own and we were all on our way to Hexham, though we had to skip seeing the surprisingly intact Turret 45a due to time lost for the puncture.

At Hexham we rushed straight to the Abbey where we saw the tombstone of Julius Flavinus and Mr. Curry deciphered the Latin inscription.  Some of us were also tempted to sing a verse or two of panis angelicus due to the excellent acoustics in the cathedral but we lost our nerve last minute.  Some superb fish and chips and some games in the park and we were done for the day.

The day finished similar to how it had begun sadly; Mr. Curry, now driving the repaired bus, found his mobile had locked him out and he had to wait five hours to get a signal back!

We arrived back close to 9 p.m. and slept well that night!