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Co-ed Boarding & Day School for ages 5-13

Headmaster Interviews Heads of School House and Patrols

Headmaster Interviews Heads of School, House and Patrols

Headmaster’s Interview with Heads of School, House and Patrols

You join me one sunny lunchtime on the Red Stairs. Surrounding me (at a respectable distance of course) are this year’s school leaders – the Form 1s who will set the tone for the academic year 2020/21.

In the middle of the photograph are Caroline B and Rory W, the school’s first ever all day Head of School combination; Georgie C and Charles B head of the Girls’ and Boys’ boarding house respectively, standing above them at the top of the stairs; Kit R, Head of Owls, is at the foot of the stairs, next to the Head of Wolves, Faith A.  Robyn M leads the Woodpeckers this year, and last but by no means least is Louisa R, Head of the Lions. 

I sit down with them, girls on the window seat and boys on the stairs, to ask some questions about how they are feeling about the year ahead.


OL: How has it been, coming back to school?

FA: It was a little scary to think about it, but actually it’s all been set up really well.

RM: It’s exactly like it was before, but with more hand sanitiser.

CB: It’s good to be back.


OL: When you think about your role this year, who can you remember having done it well in the past?

KR: I remember Arthur Meynell – he was great at organising events like Patrol sport

GC: Lily Wallace was really approachable – I remember her so well.

RM: All of the Form 1s were really responsible when we started – and they were really tall too!

CB: I remember Ella Thompson – she was very kind and I always looked up to her.

FA: Yes, she made sure that she included us.


OL: So what do you think will make you a successful leader?

FA: I think that the key qualities are kindness, approachability and a sense of humour. A combination of those would lead to respect from the younger ones.

Nobody disagreed.


OL: Can you tell me a bit about your Patrols?

KR: The Owls are really good at music – we've won the Mansfield for the last five years in a row. And we get loads of plus points.

RM: The Woodies are really good at finding sweets. So at Christmas and Easter, we win those competitions. In the other competitions it’s about the taking part and including everyone.

LR: The Lions – where do I start?? We’re great at running, we don’t get many minuses and we have Mr. Curry. It would be good if we could be better at music.

FA: The Wolves are all round amazing – really good at team sports – Mrs Holliday is really competitive – we all know each other really well and we like to win.


OL: Finally, how would you like your leadership team to be remembered five years from now?

LR: Not as a goody-two-shoes

FA: Kind, respected and welcoming

GC: I hope that we can stand out in a positive way

CB: I hope that our buddies will remember that we helped them, despite the bubbles!

RW: I would hope that we would be remembered as having provided role models.


Thank you all very much – and the best of luck to you in your important roles this year.

Mr Olly Langton, Headmaster