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Jupiter Artland: Form 1 Trip

Jupiter Artland: Form 1 Trip

Belhaven's Seniors start second half of term with a thought-provoking trip to Jupiter Artland

Form 1 members from Belhaven Hill, East Lothian, visit Jupiter Artland

On the first day of the second half of term, we eased the Form 1 children back into the rigours of school life with a visit to Jupiter Artland. The weather held off and we spent a very pleasant day enjoying a tour of the sculpture park. The children engaged enthusiastically with many contemporary artworks as we moved around the beautiful autumnal woodland. These works provoked a range of responses and sparked lots of questions. 


We started our tour with the stunning earthwork ‘Cells of Life’ by Charles Jenks which the children enjoyed climbing and exploring. ‘Suck’ by Anish Kapoor captured the children’s imaginations, with them wondering where this funnel into the earth eventually led, and got them connecting with some deeper themes. Other works like 'Quarry' by Phyllida Barlow we found ugly and jarring, whereas the magical amethyst chamber entitled ‘The Light pours out of Me’ by Anya Gallaccio was a favourite.  


We stopped for a picnic lunch in the woodland classroom and a play and then continued our tour.  Several works by Andy Goldsworthy played with the surrounding natural materials and got the children using all of their senses, and many loved the darkness and excitement of the ‘Stone Coppice’ room. ‘In Memory’  had the children pausing and reflecting on love and loss.  


Lastly, we visited the woven sculpture 'Over Here' by Shane Waltener which then inspired the children to create their own twine installation between the trees. Waltener's woven web-like structure was itself inspired by traditional crafts, particularly the tradition of hand-knitted Shetland baby blankets. The children worked in pairs and created interesting patterns and structures with wool between the trees, playing with themes and ideas and linking structures. Ms Wimbledon and Will loved taking this enthusiastic, polite and lovely bunch out for what proved to be a fantastic trip.  


Lucy Wimbledon - Head of Art  

Jupiter Artland Trip 2023