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Longridge Cross-Country Championships

Longridge Cross-Country Championships

Longridge Cross-Country: Belhaven Win 2 out of 3 trophies!

At this year’s Longridge Cross-Country Championships Belhaven entered three of the four races and performed spectacularly well, winning both the U11 and U10 boys’ events.  There were roughly 50 runners per race.

First up were the U10 boys, who got off to a shaky start as Hector was accidentally tripped on the start line, leaving him a good 40 yards behind the main pack once he’d managed to get his shoe back on.  We have a strong team, however and Rollo (2nd), Wilbur (3rd) and Charlie T. (4th) dominated the race, with Hector making impressive ground up and finishing 15th.  Wilbur just pipped Charlie on the line, much to the latter’s chagrin.


The U11 girls raced well, Daisy coming in first of the Belhaven runners, followed by Amelia, Liv and Ottilie.  All girls finished in the 20s numerically, so we finished well above average overall in terms of team positions.

Finally the U11 boys came in and, as I expected, we dominated the race.  Alfie capped an excellent season by coming in 2nd, Eck 3rd, Archie S. 4th and Rafe 6th, to post an incredibly low total of just 15; unbeatable.  Don’t think for a second it was easy though; all boys bust a gut to get to and hold their positions.  We took a B-team and they too performed amazingly, finishing 3rd overall of the 8 teams, an indication of the strength in depth we have at this age group.

So an incredibly fruitful day brought much-deserved silverware home to this very talented group of runners.  Well done to all.