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Mastermind Final 2022

Mastermind Final 2020

It was great to hold the Mastermind competition again after a 2 year break due to COVID, and 6 keen contestants readily signed up – most of whom had not seen the competition before!  With no heats this year, we opted for a straight final.  Each person chose a special subject on which to answer questions for ninety seconds. This was then followed by a general knowledge round where they had to answer questions for two minutes.

Name Special subject Final points
Blake A Eragon: the book 23
Charlie C The 12 Olympian Gods 22
Laurie L Stars War IV: A New Hope 18
Harry B Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone: the book 13
Elita A The Falkland Islands 11
Victoria PC Madrid 9

At the end of the first round on their specialist subjects, the scores were very close and with each contestant having two minutes of general knowledge it was time to see whether they knew their capital cities, NATO phonetic alphabet and questions on food, cars, shapes and music!

Well done to all those who took part, lots of nerves as they took their seats, and it was encouraging to see Forms 2 and 3 enter the competition.  Hopefully, now we have seen it back in action, we can go back to having practice heats before the final.

Well done Blake, who was the overall winner this year!