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Match Reports: Wednesday 18th May against Ardvreck

Match Reports: 18-05 Ardvreck

Reports for matches against Ardvreck: Wednesday, 18th May

Senior Tennis

We combined A and B team rounders matches with a tennis fixture. Whilst the A’s played rounders the B’s paired up for doubles tennis played as seven game matches.  There was some determined play with good ground strokes. Some more consistent serving, though, would have helped keep the scores going in our favour. As it was we lost this round robin tournament.

After a delicious tea at the pavilion on the bottom pitches the A’s made their way up to the tennis courts. The serving and ground strokes were generally excellent with spirited and aggressive play leading to a good win for Belhaven.  Both tournaments were played in good spirits – thank you, Ardvreck, for a very enjoyable afternoon.

U9 Rounders

It was a beautiful day at Belhaven today. The sun was shining, parents were supporting on the side, the match teas were outside, dogs were running around, and most importantly the children were all very excited.

Both coaches decided that this is very much a coaching and learning match where the children are talked through certain rules as they happen. It is the first rounders match for many of the children so this was a brilliant experience for them. Lola captained the team today; she won the toss and chose for Belhaven to field first. Ardvreck had an exciting first batting innings scoring 5 whole rounders and a total of 11½ . Our fielding was good, although there were a few panic passes. Iris also made a very impressive catch from a high ball.

Our first batting innings was very promising. We scored 4 whole rounders by Isabella, Maggie, Iris and Anastasia and a total of 9½.

In the second innings our fielding was much better and we managed to stop Ardvreck’s score at 3½ rounders. There was more thought about to whom and where we were passing the ball.

We went into bat and managed to score a total of 5 rounders with a fantastic whack from Meme, which scored her a rounder.

The final score was 14½ to Belhaven and 15 to Ardvreck. It couldn’t have been much closer. A fun game, well done!

1st Rounders

Belhaven 13 – Ardvreck 4

The girls warmed up and having won the toss, elected to field first.  Poppy began the bowling with some steady paced balls and although Ardvreck had some good batters, the Belhaven girls were quick to field. An early half rounder due to fielding mistakes made the Belhaven team more alert.  Good communication between Alice and Hester saw balls hit deep, being swiftly stopped and fielded back to Eliza on 2nd post.  The fielders read the game well with Grace covering 4th post and Davina covering on 3rd.  Ardvreck found it difficult to score with Olivia and  Victoire doing a great job in 2nd deep. Eliza took a great catch and along with Grace with a backwards hit saw the Ardvreck team out for 2 ½ rounders.

Belhaven went into bat, starting the innings with Poppy, hitting well but playing safe.  Grace led the scores and a sneaky backhanded hit from Flora, caught out the fielders and secured a rounder for us.  Some good hitting from everyone and safe play kept the batter in. A great hit from Olivia into 3rd deep and pressure on the fielders secured a further half and constant good batting from Hester and Grace stacked up the half rounders.  By the end of the innings, the team were ahead with 6 rounders.

We began the second fielding innings and Belhaven were certainly warmed up and had a good eye for the ball.  Quick fielding between Grace at backstop and Flora at first post, stumped out some non hitters, whilst quick reactions at 3rd post from Alice and Poppy stumped out non-live batters. Catches from Poppy and Eliza caught out some of the Ardvreck good hitters, and as they down to their last few players, they started to take risks to put pressure on the Belhaven fielders. This didn’t worry out girls and they keep the communication and fielding tight.  Ardvreck finished with a further 1 ½ rounders.

As we went into bat, the team knew they had already won,  they played hard.  Poppy led the way with a rounder but the team too risked too early and played some hits which were easily caught. Grace and Eliza kept the scores going with half rounders, and Victoire and Alma also added to the score, giving us a further 7 rounders.

Well done girls – and exciting game where you showed super skills in fielding and batting.  What was more pleasing to see was that everyone of you supported each other, displayed great teamwork and communication throughout. 

Player of the match Grace who led the team by example, giving praise and encouragement throughout.

2nd Rounders

Belhaven 11½ - Ardvreck 8

Having played tennis, the girls switched to rounders bats and winning the toss, fielded first.  The Ardvreck team had some good batters and this kept our fielders busy in the field and alert. Izzy and Louisa were kept busy fielding in 3rd deep and swiftly fielded the ball back to Willow at 2nd post.  Ottie provided good back up at 2nd post for Willow whilst Carmen fielded the balls from 2nd deep.  Ishbel moved over the 3rd post and with some quick reactions, stumped out 2 players at the post. By the end of the first innings, Ardvreck had scored 4 rounders.

Willow led the way batting and played safe to start with. Carmen and Ottie started the scoring with some great hits and put pressure on the Ardvreck fielders at their posts.  Hits into 1st deep from Sophie, and half rounders from some risky running at times from Willow and Izzy boosted the scores.  By the end of the innings we had scored 6 ½ rounders.

Fielding again and the girls knew they needed to keep the fielding tight.  A few butter fingers at first gave away an easy rounder, but the girls soon tightened up their fielding.  Emilia made a great catch at backstop and some very quick fielding to Willow at second post from Izzy, Ishbel and Sophie stumped out many of their batters.  Victoria was quick to be on 4th post, stopping full rounders and Sophie’s accurate bowling gave away very few no balls.  A further 4 rounders from Ardvreck gave them a final total of 8.

Again, the girls began playing safe in the second innings. A very sneaky bit into 1st deep from Sophie secured a rounder but risky runs off a good hit from Ottie and Mary, saw them out at 2nd post.  Emilia scored two good half rounders from a backwards hit and Victoria put pressure on the fielders to secure half on her last bat.  Carmen added to the total with some super hits and some very risky runs!  The Belhaven team scored a further 5 to take their final score to 11½.

Well done an exciting and very close match.  Both teams fielded and batted well, and you were able to communicate well as a team and direct the ball to the right posts.  We need to continue to ensure we make accurate catches and work on placing the ball on the field when hitting.

Player of the match as voted for by Ardvreck - Carmen.

U11a Cricket

Another sunny Wednesday, another under 11a fixture, this time we were away at Ardvreck. After a long drive up north we made it.

Ardvreck won the toss and chose to bowl. Our opening batsmen Wilbur and Alfie made a strong start seeing off the new ball. Both struck a couple of nice boundaries but the outfield was very slow and boundaries were not coming as often as we would like. The boys both retired after 9 overs of batting. We were 45-0.

Sam and Rollo then came and batted well Sam batted very well retiring on 25 off of 20 balls. The two Archie’s then came in and batted well. Our innings was coming to a close and we were struggling with the run rate. Both Rafe and Hector came in and tried to up the run rate. We ended our innings on 101-3.

After a delicious match tea we got straight back into the action. Our opening bowlers Rollo and Tommy started off our innings well, Rollo conceding just 3 runs off his first 2 overs and Tommy amazingly bowled 2 overs both of them being maiden overs. Monty then came up and bowled really well taking a wicket in his first over. Wilf then came on to bowl and bowled 3 overs 2-7 runs. A smart run out from Archie took the innings close to the end. Alfie and Archie came on to close the innings taking a wicket a-piece. We eventually bowled Ardvreck out for 47.

A very convincing win for the boys. Lots of hard work in training is paying off. A few things to work on with out batting. Well done boys a massive well done from Mr Brown!

U9 KwikCricket

Ardvreck – 49 for 2 and 40 for 4; Belhaven 20 for 4 and 34 for 3

Ardvreck won by 20 runs; Ardvreck won by 6 runs

Men of the Match: Oak Curry; Geordie Gladstone

The Under 9As hopped enthusiastically onto the enormous Rogerson coach with another 47 Ardvreck -bound Belhavians. Lunch on the Headmistress’s lawn on arrival, followed by a lovely walk through the trees to the pitch, fortified the team ahead of their pairs match. Innes had brought the sun cream and the Headmaster had the water - we were all set.

Fielding first after winning the toss, Belhaven bowled well - everyone showed a very good control of line and there were very few wides or no balls. At this stage, bowling consistently can be something of a curse – the batsmen are able to get into a rhythm and Ardvreck have some very clean hitters of a windball! Fours and sixes peppered the midwicket boundary as several good length, straight deliveries were despatched and Ardvreck reached a very good total of 49 after their 8 overs. Belhaven’s batsmen showed a commendable effort to play straight and to master the slightly higher bounce of an astroturf wicket, but struggled to find the boundary as regularly as their opposition and fell 20 short. Well done in particular to Oak, who bowled very straight, fielded brilliantly and hit some encouraging shots.

Determined to make best the most of a long journey, we opted for a second game and this was far closer – Belhaven again bowled tidily but batted with more purpose and, in the end, despite the valiant efforts of the final pair and Geordie Gladstone in particular, fell 6 runs short of their target of 40. Everyone batted for four overs and bowled two – everyone performed well in the field, and supported one another as they learn about the game.

Two tips for next time – firstly, enjoy hitting the ball without fear of dismissal. It’s all about scoring runs and having fun – go for it! Secondly, when bowling, aim to bowl as full as possible and follow through after the delivery – adding momentum to each delivery and aiming for yorkers makes it much harder for the batsman. Well done the Under 9s – there is clearly a lot of cricketing talent in this year group!