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Match Reports: Boys' Hockey and Girls' Netball against St. Mary's

Match Reports: Boys' Hockey and Girls' Netball against St. Mary's

Belhaven Hill' Match Reports for Hockey and Netball against St. Mary's, Melrose and Senior Netball IAPS Qualifiers

Wednesday, 1st February 2023

Girls' Netball

1st IAPS Qualifiers

1st Netball IAPS Qualifiers

Belhaven 2 - Strathallan 11
Belhaven 3 - St Mary’s 8
Belhaven 8 - Ardvreck 2
Belhaven 2 - Fettes 10
Belhaven 7 - Gordonstoun 1

4th in competition

We arrived at Strathallan in good time to enjoy our lunch and warm up ready to face Strathallan.  We knew this would be a tough game, having already played them in a full match.  The opposition took off to a quick start and scored early on.  The score in this game doesn’t reflect the effort the team put into the match and they had equal possession of the ball.  Some quick mid court play between Louisa, Alice and Izzi worked well, trying to create some space and both shooters, Sophie and Lily had some shots at goal, one of Lily’s circling the rim of the goal before tipping out, rather than in! The defensive duo worked well, but a few errors on the marking allowed Strathallan to create more space.  Player of the match: Alice R.

Next up we played St. Mary’s. We had a feeling they would be a good team and so unfortunately nerves got the better of the team and we made some silly catching errors.  We struggled to get into the game and settle down, resulting in some scrappy play.  During the second half we started to gain a rhythm of play but some forced balls into our shooting circle made it difficult for the shooters to create space.  Player of the match: Alice R

After a quick break we were to play Ardvreck.  The girls took their time on the ball and were able to control the game.  Great defending from Bea and Ottie in the circle kept the ball away from Ardvreck’s goal and with more careful passes into the shooting circle, Lily and Sophie were able to get into some good positions to shoot.  A flurry of goals for both shooters this match. Player of the match: Ottie O

Fettes are always a good team to play and today was no exception.  They were quick off the mark and again were able to control the game in the first half.  After a quick reminder about using the width of the court and thinking about spacing, the second half of the match was more even. Lottie and Ottie defended well and kept the ball away passing it down the court quickly to the mid court players. Just two goals conceded to our one scored in the second half was a huge improvement in the game for the Belhaven team. Player of the match: Ottie O.

Our last match was against Gordonstoun and the girls were able to take control of the game, slowing and thinking about their passes.  Lily and Sophie, once again created space in the circle working well together to receive the ball from Alice and Izzi.  It was great to see our backline pass in action once again, working well both times is was used.  A second win for the girls to finish in 4th place. Player of the match: Sophie G

Well done girls – tournaments are always tough as you only play short matches and need to be ready from the first whistle.  Lots to take away from today but also it was great to see you improve with every game.

Three wishes and a star for today:

  Use the width of the court more
  Take time on the ball – 3 seconds is a fair amount of time
  Stay with your marker

  Great teamwork and encouragement both on and off the court


The under 9 netball teams continued their season with a double header against St. Mary's. Having two games this week was fantastic, as it gave every girl in Forms 5 and 6 the opportunity to represent Belhaven against other schools.

Game 1:

The A team match started at real speed with both teams scoring early. The players quickly recognised the higher quality of opposition this week and upped their intensity accordingly. It was end-to-end stuff as St. Mary's and Belhaven alternated attacks effectively. As is usual with the high 5 netball system, our players were rotating through positions every quarter and after an equal first quarter Belhaven ended up 4-3 down at half time.

The second half saw a much more dominant defence from both teams with scoring opportunities at a premium. By the end of the third quarter Belhaven were 5-3 down but a focus on speed of passing and moving into space saw a blitz from Belhaven in the last quarter bringing the scores level with a minute to go. In the final minute both teams had an opportunity to win but ultimately the defences held out for an entertaining 5 - 5 draw.

Holly was particularly good in her movement around the court, Isabella was dominant in the midfield again. Anastasia gained possession brilliantly; Meme worked her heart out to move with speed; Sylvia defended excellently as well; Chloe adapted well to new positions and Isobel attacked really well throughout.

Player of the match: Isobel

Girls' Netball U9s against St. Mary's 2023

Girls' Netball Matches played between Belhaven Hill U9 teams and St. Mary's in the Sports Hall at Belhaven on Wednesday, 1st February 2023

Game 2:

This was a first game for some of our players this season and Belhaven started well, full of energy and movement. However, St. Mary's opened the scoring, swiftly followed by an equalizing score from Flora. Again, our rotations moved our players into new positions and our players tried really hard to adapt to their new role. However, St. Mary's were able to create the majority of chances and slowly pulled ahead on the score board.

By the final quarter, St. Mary's were 5-1 ahead but the Belhaven team was sent out with instructions to try and win the last quarter and their determination was great. While there were no more scores in the game, Belhaven finished the stronger team and were in the ascendancy right to the end.

Flora enjoyed attacking and getting her first score; Sophia worked really hard in defence; Mary was active throughout; Clara showed her usual determination; Alice defended really well; Lara was able to maintain possession well and Calantha competed for the ball well throughout.

Player of the match: Sophia

Boys' Hockey


St. Mary’s applied a fair amount of pressure from the beginning, cleanly making passes around the midfield, while we got caught trying the take the ball up and down a crowded centre instead of passing out wide. Our communication was not great and our passes seemed to end up on the opposition's sticks. By half time we were three goals down.

The second half of the game started well with the boys putting a lot more pressure on the opposition from the start. Charlie moved the ball around nicely and the boys started to use the wings more successfully. Geordie held his space really well and gave the team an option the pass the ball out to him to drive down the wing. We had a number of close shots on goal and then Wilbur found the space he needed, tapped the ball into the D and took a super straight strike at goal. With a resounding bang from the backboard the boys’ spirits rose and we headed back to the centre.

Tommy came on and passed the ball smoothly across the pitch to the opposite wing. With our passes stronger and Charlie being a hero, playing brilliantly running back to help defend but also crossing the ball superbly to our forwards, Ollie sneaked another two goals past the goalie. Harry made some great saves, kicking the ball beautifully wide out of the D and out of danger. Tristan worked hard in defence and had some strong tackles, while Hamish cleared the ball up the pitch. Hector had a number of close shots on goal and showed great skill flicking the ball over the oppositions stick.

Final Score:  Belhaven 3 – 4 St. Mary's

Goal scorers:  Ollie x 2, Wilbur x 1

Man of the match: Charlie


Hallhill was, yet again, bathed in sunshine, although an icy wind swept across the pitch while the boys warmed up. A vibrancy and sense of purpose simmered throughout the team, and it was pleasing to see the boys organise themselves into three groups, in which they developed their own drills ahead of the match.

From the outset, Belhaven looked fierce and hungry for a win. Jack was commanding as captain, and he ensured that the Belhaven boys used space effectively. Fergus and Ouday made some strong interchanges, which allowed Noah to run in on goal. The St. Mary’s defence struggled to contain the Belhaven attack – in the first half, Belhaven managed to put 6 past St. Mary’s.

St. Mary’s came out the blocks fast and determined in the second half. Bertie, Lukas and Arthur were formidable in defence, while Aubrey and Kaspar exchanged direct, quick passes, which allowed more attempts on goal. Belhaven managed to score 4 more, including a wonderful sweeping shot from the right of goal from Jack. However, St Mary’s were determined, and they really gave their all in the dying minutes. They pushed forwards, playing some great hockey, and managed to pick a hole in the Belhaven defence. The game ended with a well-deserved goal for St. Mary’s.

As coach, I was pleased with the impressive score line. However, I was even more pleased with the effort and teamwork that the Belhaven boys showed. Well done, boys – a great match!

Final Score:  Belhaven 10  -  1  St. Mary’s