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Match Reports: Boys' Hockey and Girls' Netball against Loretto

Match Reports: Boys' Hockey and Girls' Netball against Loretto

Match Reports for Belhaven Hill Hockey and Netball teams against Loretto

Wednesday, 25th January 2023

Girls' Netball


Having had two good training sessions this week, the girls were keen to use new set pieces and look at positioning on the court. 

Alice won the toss and we started the first Centre pass.  The first few minutes were evenly played with the ball moving quickly between each goal.  Settling into the games and watching passes, then allowed Alice to feed the ball through into the circle for the first shot on goal.  Loretto were quick to equalise but by creating space in the attacking circle, Sophie and Lily worked well together holding their spaces and taking shots on goal.  By the end of the first quarter Belhaven were in the lead 4 – 1.

With the scores still close, the girls were reminded to slow down , take their time on their passes and not be forced into making silly errors. Willow swapped in to play GS and scored within the first minute of the second quarter.  Lottie and Ottie played brilliantly in defence, keeping the ball away from the Loretto goal.  There was some great mid court play from Izzi and Louisa, picking up stray balls and looking to intercept any stray balls.  By half time, Belhaven were still ahead 8 – 2.

A swap around for the next quarter saw Ottie play keeper, and Willow switch to Goal Defence.  Some swift movement on court, looking at creating space using the drill we worked on in the Tuesday session worked really well. Thinking more carefully about passes into the circle allowed Sophie and Lily more time to position for the goal. Lily was certainly on fine shooting form, scoring goals from the edge of the circle.  A further 5 goals saw Belhaven take a firm lead 13 – 3.

The final quarter of the game allowed the girls to enjoy the game knowing they had found a routine and were beginning to work as a team.  Great middle court play and interceptions stopped the ball from venturing too close to the Loretto goal.

What a difference in your game play today, you were more confident on the ball and it was great to see you using the positioning drill to create space.

Final Score: Belhaven 16 – Loretto 3

Three stars and a wish from today:

  Super swing moves from Willow to create space

  Amazing shots from all over the circle – one footed at times

  Marking the opposition

  Slow the passes and take time to position

Goals so far:

Sophie 14:  Lily 5:  Willow 4


Belhaven hill Girls Netball 2nd Team group photoFollowing a very tough match against Strathallan last week, the 2nds girls bounced back with a good win in a fantastic performance against Loretto.

We started the match in high spirits, having to play hard to stop Loretto from scoring by intercepting stray passes and, overall, defending incredibly well.

Amelia D was player of the match, scoring 6 goals throughout the game, while Victoire and Bea scored 2 of their own. Despite this, the win was a true team effort with every player pitching in to have a big impact on the final outcome.

While still not having played much together, all the girls demonstrated their teamwork, communication and persistence to ultimately come away with a great win against a good Loretto team.

Final Score: Belhaven 10 – Loretto 4


The under 9 netball team kicked off their season with a match against our closest rivals, Loretto. The format of the game was slightly different from a normal netball game meaning five players on the court instead of seven and each player would have to change job or position every quarter. The match got off to a flying start with Belhaven scoring first then Loretto equalising in quick order. It was Belhaven who were making the most of their opportunities though, pulling away for a first quarter lead of five goals to one. Isabella in particular was playing well in the centre.

In the second quarter, as mentioned above, the team changed roles, and this quickly gave a new challenge to individuals in new positions. The scoring slowed down despite both teams creating scoring opportunities. Belhaven players were just quicker to the loose ball at this point and were able to continue to build a lead up to half time of 6-1. Sylvia was being tenacious, and Holly was moving into space well.

The second half continued much as the first but both defences were becoming more and more confident with good blocks occurring at both ends. Isobel was moving well around the court and Sophia was quick to snaffle up the ball from a Belhaven pass. The shooting ability of Belhaven's team proved the difference in the end as the scoreline continued to build with a final score of Belhaven 8 - 1 Loretto.

Belhaven Hill Girls U9 Netball Team

Player of the match: Isabella

Boys' Hockey


After our home match with Strathallan was cancelled due to the snow, today’s fixture at Loretto was the first of the season for the 1st team and, as such, was one I was very interested in, as it would allow me to see how the team might shape up.

Loretto started with the hit-off and it was soon apparent that they had some good individual players but their early attacks were well dealt with by our midfield and defence.

I’d set the targets for the match of a) hard work and b) structure - playing into the wide channels and was absolutely delighted with how well the the boys did in both these areas in the first half - it certainly didn’t look like a first match.

My back three of Charlie, Harry and Fin combined brilliantly together with Harry distributing the ball out wide and both Fin and Charlie making some excellent runs up the wings and then supporting the attack once they’d passed it on. Up front, Ted & Beetle also combined well with one getting into the top corner while the other took up position in the D. Time and time again we moved the ball wide and then forward but Loretto managed to keep us at bay time and time again.

Eventually, after defending three Loretto PCs, we won one of our own. The injection was good and the strike made towards the left post where Jamie had taken up station and did exactly what he was there for and slapped it home for the first goal of the match.

Five minutes later came an even better goal. This one started with Loretto in our D, about to shoot before Fin made a solid tackle and immediately set off up the left flank. He then passed it on up the wing to Ted from where it was crossed to top D where it found Alfie who’d only just been subbed on and who’d made a tremendous lead into the D and he slotted it home.

So, we ended the half two goals up and I hoped for more of the same in the second half. Loretto came out fighting, however, and two of their lads began to try and dominate proceedings. They did this by charging through the middle time and again. Jamie & Johnny, in midfield, had worked hard throughout the first half, attacking, defending and distributing and they certainly had their work cut out for them. 

Unfortunately, we began to squeeze tighter and tighter under the onslaught and this meant that when we did win the ball, there was no-one in the wider channels to receive it meaning that the style of play in the second half didn’t quite live up to that of the first half. 

Fifteen minutes in, Loretto scored a well-deserved goal, when our skipper, Harry, who’d dealt confidently and well with everything else thrown at him, lost focus for a moment and that led to a few minutes of nervous play. Nerves settled, however, when the ball found its way forward to the top of the Loretto D where Beetle was perched and he smashed the ball past their ‘keeper for our third.

So, overall, an excellent start to the season. The team seems to be very balanced, confident and capable of holding their structure and playing some stylish hockey. There is little doubt that we will face sterner challenges but I look forward to seeing how this group of boys develops over the course of the season.

Final Score: Belhaven Hill 3 - 1 Loretto

POTM: Fin. Tackled effectively and was very quick to turn defence into attack.


It was a beautiful bright day for our first fixture of the term. The game started a bit scrappily as the boys adjusted to their positions. There were a few hair-raising moments when Loretto passed the ball up to their forward, who was hanging by the goal post, but Harry proved a solid goalie and came out to meet the striker and cleared the ball away. Wilbur and Hector worked hard in midfield and seemed to be everywhere, helping to defend, working the ball up then pitch and attacking the Loretto D. Belhaven scored the first goal followed by Loretto scoring one before the half time whistle.

The boys’ aim for the next half was to pass out wide more and to use stronger passes into the D. The second half was a much more dominant performance from us. Hamish and Tristan defended the D brilliantly and Hamish communicated well to get his team to mark players on free hits. Charlie and Geordie moved the ball up the wings and, with some super slick one-two passing, the ball made its way to Ollie who scored two great goals. Sadly, Hamish had to dash off for a train but we had our sub, Tommy, who came on and was useful in passing the ball into the D and made some strong tackles. With our score line increasing so did the boy’s energy and a further goal was scored by Hector, who flicked it over the goalie’s pads into the back of the net. In the last few minutes of the game the ball was passed up the pitch, to Wilbur, he dodged the first defender and then easily sneaked it in past the Loretto goalie. A brilliant first game from the boys. Well done!

Belhaven Hill Boys' Hockey U11A team after their match with Loretto

Final Result: Belhaven 5 - 1 Loretto

Goals scorers: Hector x 2, Ollie x 2, Wilbur x 1



A fresh, but otherwise glorious day in Musselburgh allowed for some fast-flowing, entertaining hockey. Whilst the Belhaven boys ultimately found themselves on the wrong end of the score sheet, it was an incredibly close game. The performance was very pleasing indeed, with Belhaven probably having more possession and arguably looking the more dangerous of the two sides.

Within the early stages of the game, Belhaven took the lead with two goals. A great solo effort from Charlie and a well-worked team piece with Louis adding the final touch. Both teams were playing without a goal keeper, meaning that defence was paramount. William and Monty both had fantastic games at the back, clearing the ball with confidence to those outside: Alexander G-C, Alexander A and Dexter. As the game progressed, we lost a little concentration at times and Loretto came from 2-0 down to lead 3-2 at half time.

Belhaven Hill Boys Hockey 3rd Team after match against LorettoIn the second half we began to use the width of the pitch and some good link up play between Harry, Fernando, Adam and Charlie split the Loretto defence on a number of occasions. The goal of the match went to Adam, with some strong passing leading to Harry crossing in a lovely ball for Adam to sweep into the net.

The match was incredibly tight throughout. It’s always disappointing to lose a game, but the performance was very encouraging and the boys should be proud of their efforts.

Final Score: Loretto 5 - Belhaven 3

Goals: Charlie, Louis, Adam

Man of the Match: Charlie


As the blinding rays of the sun fell upon Hallhill, Belhaven and Loretto got into position, ready for their first match of the season. As captain, Noah gave an inspiring speech to the team, urging them to play with the belief that Belhaven could win, as long as we stayed organised and positive. The game started in this very way, for Belhaven were first to score. Some excellent passes between Jack, Lukas, and Bertie allowed Noah to run through on goal and score. Loretto soon warmed up, however, and they scored a fine goal via some impressive displays of individual skill from two of their players. While Belhaven looked dangerous in attack, our defence looked vulnerable. Loretto cut through our defence again just before half-time, and scored a second goal.

Even though they were now trailing, Belhaven started the second half brilliantly. The team was organised, and each player seeking space. Ouday pushed hard in attack, dispossessing a number of Loretto players as he surged forward, supported by Arthur, Kaspar, Fergus, and Noah. The Belhaven boys moved the ball around the D wonderfully, and managed to score a second. Loretto, however, were not finished yet. After some serious words from their captain, Loretto pushed forward and started to use the full width of the pitch. Two goals followed, as Belhaven began to tire. At the final whistle, the Belhaven boys were proud of their efforts and all had smiles on their faces, even though the score didn’t go their way today. A great effort – well done.

Final score: Belhaven 2 - 4 Loretto