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Match Reports: Girls' Cricket against Strathallan

Match Reports: Girls' Cricket against Strathallan

Belhaven Hill Girls' Cricket: First matches of the 2023 season - reports below


Belhaven Hill 260 – Strathallan 268

The girls were excited about their first match of the season. Having worked hard in their training sessions, it was now time to test their skills.

Lottie was captain today and chose to field first.  Iona and Liv were first bowling pair and both girls bowled well only giving away a handful of wide balls.  Some quick fielding saw two wickets with the batters being stumped. A total of 8 runs for the first 2 overs.

Lottie and Elektra were next into bowl. Some very good bowling from both girls saw just a few ‘no balls’ and only a couple of runs scored.  Strathallan were now on 217 runs after 4 overs.

Charlotte and Sienna were the next pair into bowl.  Once again some accurate bowling from the pair and another wicket with some good fielding back to the stumps.  Strathallan were now 230.

Our next pair found it quite difficult to bowl accurately and unfortunately gave away quite a number of wide and ‘no balls’ which allowed Strathallan to boost their scores to 255.

The final bowling pair saw Camille and Louise bowl some accurate balls, some were difficult for the batters to hit and just a few wide balls.  After 10 overs, Strathallan had scored 268 runs.

The first Belhaven batting pair were Lottie and Elektra and they faced an accurate bowler. They managed to hit the ball well but did not want to take too many risks.  A great hit from Lottie was caught, but this was our only batsman out for the innings.  After their over and points deducted for the wicket, Belhaven were on 205.

Charlotte and Sienna were next into bat and Charlotte managed a very sneaky back hit from a wide ball, scoring 3 runs, whilst Sienna also managed to strike the ball well.  The pair scored a total of 20 runs in the two overs, taking them to 225.

Liv and Iona were next into bat. Both girls found it difficult to hit the balls, and the bowler gave away only one wide ball.  Just 4 runs were scored here taking the total to 229.

There was still everything to play for with the next batting pair, Blanca and Victoire.  There were a number of good balls which the girls struggled to hit and along with some ‘no-balls’ they managed a total of 15 runs, taking us to 244.

It was going to be tight to score 24 runs in the last 2 overs but Camille and Louise got off to a good start.  They managed to strike the ball but didn’t want to take risks. Their 16 runs were not quite enough this time.  



Three wishes and a star today:

We need to work on making our bowling more accurate

Working on how to hit the ball

 Making quick decisions about when to run

 Some quick fielding to stump out players

Girl of the matchCharlotte for some great batting



Senior Girls' Cricket Team in their new Centenary match kit

To win by 13 runs away at Strathallan was a good result for our first cricket match of the summer. We batted first first and Sophie and Amelia got us off to a good start hitting 8 runs off their better bowlers. Ottie and Lily (6) and Victoire and Louisa (7) batted well in the middle or before Willow and Alice (17) and Bea and Izzi (18) were able to finish strongly for a total of 262 runs. We fielded and bowled well for our first match. Sophie got a lovely catch off Lily’s bowling and we should have had a few more if we had been walking in when fielding but the girls will quickly pick this up.  
It was very evenly matched until the last couple of overs when we were able to limit their runs and we won by 13 runs. We will be working hard to gain the confidence to take more quick singles and tighten up our fielding with better positioning and attacking the ball.

Belhaven Hill School Girls' Cricket 1st Team



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