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Match Reports: Girls' Hockey vs St George's : Boys' Rugby vs Merchiston

Match Reports: Girls' Hockey aginst St George's : Boys' Rugby aginst Merchiston

Belhaven Hill's Girls' Hockey and Boys' rugby Match Reports for games against St. George's and Merchiston

Boys' Rugby

1st Team

It was a trip to the capital for Belhaven’s first team this Wednesday. As the bus left the campus the first rain began to fall in an ominous way, and so it was that the rain stayed throughout our visit. As usual, this precipitation was going to create a challenging environment for keeping the ball in hand and physical power became that much more important. None-the-less, the squad turned up ready to give their best and improve on last week’s performance.

Merchiston started the game in dominant fashion with two tries in the first five minutes and showed Belhaven what they were up against. However, for the next ten minutes Belhaven did exactly what they set out to do. They kept possession, rucked effectively, and looked to attack the space.  Despite this, Belhaven could not find the break-through they needed and were to concede two more tries by the stroke of half time.

Half time score: Merchiston 28 - 0 Belhaven

The players had not faltered in their determination to improve and some strong performances from Hector, Charlie J, and Harry saw Belhaven attack with intent. The second half went much the same as the first. Belhaven had good passages of control but could not find the line break. Merchiston on the other hand were running with power and taking several players to stop them. This created inevitable overlaps which were exploited. Strong tackling efforts from Hamish and William were not quite enough to stop what was a good opposition.

Full time score: Merchiston 54 - 0 Belhaven

Boys' Rugby: 1st against Merchiston 2023

Coach's thoughts: This was the same scoreline as the Cargilfield game last week. It was not, however, the same level of performance. This was a big step up which was not rewarded with points on the board which was a pity. Our focus this week was on ball presentation and ruck intensity in order to maintain greater amounts of possession and increase our phase count. We absolutely succeeded in doing this and it resulted in long periods of Belhaven control. Turning that possession into points is the next work-on, but it will come with time and confidence. There is still work to be done in defensive technique as well, but sometimes it’s difficult if the opposition are that much bigger than you. A good performance, that is what our players should take from today.


U11A Team

Belhaven 7 – 10 Merchiston

In a thrilling and rain-soaked encounter, the Belhaven U11A rugby team squared off against the formidable Merchiston side. Despite facing a formidable opponent, Belhaven showcased their determination and spirit throughout the match.

The final score saw Merchiston triumph with 10 tries to Belhaven's 7, though the match was anything but one-sided. The young Belhaven squad displayed commendable sportsmanship and resilience.

Belhaven's attacking prowess was on full display, with their players showcasing some exceptional individual skills. Wilbur found himself on the score sheet with an impressive three tries. Xander added to the tally with two tries of his own, displaying great speed and agility. Tommy and Geordie each contributed a try to Belhaven's scoreline, underlining the team's balanced attack.

However, the wet weather conditions proved challenging for both sides. The slippery ball and field made handling and passing difficult, leading to some turnovers. Belhaven's performance in defence showed areas that need improvement. Merchiston's ability to capitalise on gaps in Belhaven's defence resulted in the opposition scoring 10 tries.

One key take-away from the match was the need for improved communication within the Belhaven team. Effective communication on the field is vital in rugby, and Belhaven's players should focus on talking more to help each other out. This could be the key to shoring up their defence and preventing their opponents from exploiting gaps in the future.

In summary, the Belhaven U11A rugby team may not have come out on top in the scoreline, but their performance was a marked improvement from previous matches. With a few adjustments, particularly in defence and communication, this young team has the potential to grow and improve.

TriesTommy, Geordie, Xander (2), Wilbur (3)

Man of the MatchWilbur


U11B Team

On a cold rainy day, the U11Bs fell into a defensive line ready for their first and probably last touch match of the season. After many touches, they got the ball in their hands. After a long, hard, push, Innes scored the first try of the match. Defending again, they did the same thing as always and stayed in a flat line and tried to touch the opposition. Merchiston then used all of their touches, and the ball was Belhaven’s. After a hard, but unsuccessful push, Merchiston gained the ball again and scored a try. After a lot of this kind of thing, the first half ended.

The score is Belhaven 3 - 2 Merchiston.

After a small break, the match began again. The second half was much the same as the first but with exciting runs up the wing by Georges and Alexander, which ended in tries. An excellent match on both sides, ending in the U11B’s first win.

Final score: Belhaven 6 - 2 Merchiston

Man of the match: Georges DBDG

Written by: Lukas


Girls' Hockey

U11A Team

In a rain-soaked rematch against St. Georges, the Under 11 A hockey team faced challenging conditions on a smaller pitch with no Ds. Adapting took time, but the team eventually found their rhythm. Maggie scored five goals, with Holly getting one too, making a total of 6. The game, marked by scrappiness, provided a valuable opportunity for the girls to explore different positions. Despite the weather and pitch alterations, the team showcased resilience and adaptability. The match not only tested their skills but fostered teamwork and versatility among the players. Well done, girls!

Final score: Belhaven Hill 6 - 3 St. George's

Goals scored: Maggie (5) and Holly

Player of the match: Maggie