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Match Reports: Wednesday 25th May against St. Mary's, Melrose

Match Reports: Wednesday 25th May against St. Mary's, Melrose

Match Reports for Wednesday, 25th May against St. Mary's, Melrose

Boys' Cricket: U11A

Moving swiftly on from Saturday's good win against Merchiston, we were, today, up against St. Mary’s at home on the 1st team pitch once again.

It was a breezy but sunny afternoon and the boys were thoroughly looking forward to the match. St Mary’s won the toss and elected to bat. We got straight into the action with Wilbur opening the bowling with Rollo, they both bowled tightly and didn’t give many runs away, Wilbur taking the first wicket of the game with a lovely away swinging delivery which cannoned into middle stump. Charlie and Alfie followed up with some more tight bowling, which led us to be well on top as St. Mary’s struggled to get the runs flowing. Alfie took a lovely caught and bowled to take another wicket. Wilf and Tommy came onto bowl and both clean-bowling the batsmen, carbon copies of each other’s delivery.

We had done some work on our fielding in the past week and it showed: we made 5 run outs, Alfie with 2, Charlie T with 1, Charlie J with 1 and Wilf with 1. Sam receiving 3 of the run outs and calmly taking the bails off. 5 run outs in a match doesn’t happen very often, a very special fielding performance, the result of which St. Mary’s were bowled out for 56.

It was our turn to bat needing 57 to win. Our opening pair was Wilbur and Eck and they started well with some really good, positive running from ball one. Unfortunately there was a miscommunication between the two and Eck was run out. Wilbur kept batting positively, striking some lovely boundaries; the shot of the day a straight off drive along the floor running to the boundary for 4. He was then retired which brought Sam to the crease who came in striking the ball with some serious power. Alfie came in and looked very calm, a lovely captain's knock taking the team to the end. Sam and Alfie were both retired as well. Hector and Rollo finished the game off with confidence, as we chased the 57 in 9 overs.

A brilliant all-round performance as the whole team put in so much effort. Well done boys for all your hard work so far this season. Massive congratulations from Mr Brown.

Boys' Cricket: U11B

U-11b boys bat to a comfortable win against St. Mary’s

‘The Widest Wide I’ve Ever Seen’.

Belhaven lost the toss but were ready for a good day’s blustery cricket.  Opening the batting, Ollie and James put on 21 runs, only James being out, caught well to a ball travelling at speed.  Noah and Harry F. added 25 more, Harry being clean bowled by, of all people, Rafe, who was playing for St. Mary’s as they needed help with making up the numbers for this fixture.  Jack and François added a further 23 runs, Jack hitting his own wicket and finally Ivan and Alexander added a huge 35 runs off 24 balls, Ivan hitting some lovely boundaries but also getting himself caught out by Belhaven’s other loanee to St. Mary’s – Blake!  The pick of the batsmen were Harry (17), Ollie (14), Ivan (11) and Jack (9).

Belhaven b 104 for 4.

With the ball, Belhaven were equally effective: Alexander, Ivan and Noah (two each) and Ollie, Jack and Harry (one each) all taking wickets varying from clean bowled through to some excellent catches by François and Harry.  James also managed to bowl the widest wide I’ve seen in fourteen years of umpiring, which was quite hilarious.  Pick of the bowlers were Jack and Ivan.

St. Mary’s b 36 for 9.

So all good today to be honest – we fielded well, batted well when we had the chance and caused St. Mary’s problems at the crease with some fairly accurate bowling.

Next up: St. Mary’s (h.), 8th June.

Man of the Match: Harry F.
Belhaven b win by 68 runs.

Boys' KwikCricket: U9

Following the U9A's long trip up to Ardvreck last week the U9s faced St. Mary's at home. This weeks captain, Harry, won the toss and decided to bat first. While Belhaven batted well and managed to hit a handful of boundaries the innings was hampered by several wickets, through no fault of their own, as St. Mary's bowled some brilliant on-stump deliveries.  Special mention to Xander, whose 15 without loss, while facing some incredibly tricky bowling, was integral to the innings. Belhaven’s valiant effort with the bat left St. Mary's with 40 runs to chase. Belhaven 40 for 6

Every Belhaven player bowled with consistent line and length and conceded very few runs to wides and no balls, which is what I wanted to see more than anything else. However, this unfortunately worked against them as it can make the balls easier to hit for S.t Mary's. 4s and 6s came thick and fast, but a good run out from Geordie and a lovely wicket from Bertie kept St. Mary's reigned in. Unfortunately, this was not enough to prevent them from surpassing the total, and St. Mary's ended their innings on 98 runs. St. Mary's 98 for 3

What impressed me most was the improvement from the first match of the season, especially in relation to bowling, which has become hugely more consistent and with much increased pace. Improvements can be made, though, with concentration in the field as a couple of times a boundary could have been prevented or a catch taken if you were focusing on the match. This is an easy fix but can swing a game in your favour. Overall, a gallant effort, but Belhaven were bested by deserved victors.

Men of the Match: Xander for his performance with the bat and Innes for his huge improvements with his bowling.

1st Rounders

With a rearranged team, we headed down to Melrose for our second match of the season.  Eliza captained the team today and winning the toss, Belhaven fielded first.  St Mary’s had some good batters but the Belhaven fielders responded well and keep scores to a minimum.  Olivia was busy at third deep, fielding balls quickly back to Eliza to stop any scores.  Izzy and Victoire adapted well when the left handed batter took their turn and fielded the ball quickly back to Davina at fourth post.  Sophie bowled consistently and gave away very few no-balls.  By the end of the first innings, St Mary’s had scored 9 rounders.

With a good score to chase, Belhaven went into bat. Testing out the fielders on their first bat they played safely.  A good hit from Carmen started the scores and some very risky running from Victoire, added an extra half.  Some good fielding from St Mary’s saw some of our batters out at 2nd but Eliza and Willow managed to add to the score from some great hits.  By the end of the innings we had secured 4 rounders but still had everything to play for.

The rain and the wind started to come down during the second innings and despite some great fielding, we had a few dropped catches from the slippery ball.  Alice was busy off 3rd post whilst Victoria and Izzy tried hard to field back the left handed hits to the post players.  St Mary’s benefitted from our fielding errors and scored a further 7½ rounders.

As we went into bat, we struggled to hit the ball.  Carmen and Olivia found themselves out quite quickly. Some good hits from Ottie and Alice were fielded back quickly and we found it difficult to add to the scores.

It was a difficult game today girls and the playing conditions didn’t help too much.  You all adapted well to different playing positions today and your fielding in both innings was super.

Next match against Loretto after half term.

Player of the matchOlivia for some fantastic fielding.

U11 Rounders

Jeanne won the toss and chose for us to field first.  With Amelia on 2nd post and Ottilie out deep between 3rd and 2nd they worked fantastically as a team to get a total of 7 of 10 St Mary’s girls out in the first innings on 2nd  post. Liv and India worked well together as bowler and backstop, Liv adapting well to some wind and only letting a few half rounders in due to no balls, and throws from the batting line due to backwards hits were excellent from India, and caught by Amelia to get some St Mary’s girls out. Iona and Wendy worked well to stump 4th post a few times preventing a few more whole rounders and the rest of the girls communicated well where the ball should go and ran for the ball due to some big hits from some of the St Mary’s team. St Mary’s finished the innings on 8 rounders.

It was our turn to bat, and we quickly realised St Mary’s had a very strong fielding side, getting the ball very quickly and accurately to 2nd post meaning our girls often couldn’t get past 1st. Jeanne was out star batter getting us 1 and a half rounders, and Amelia also got a ½ rounder. We finished the innings on 2 rounders.

We were back fielding as the rain started, and we made the decision to say you couldn’t be out at 1st due to many girls slipping over. Lily had her work cut out with a big left handed hitter as she covered that area, and she made some great throws over to Daisy on 3rd post. Ambre and India took on my feedback well about moving to  back up  2nd post on backwards hits and again we managed to get 3 players out. St Mary’s finished the innings on 9 rounders taking them to a total of 17.

The final innings came and our batting was much stronger. Amelia scored 2 rounders, Jeanne scored 1 and a half (one of these being by the skin of her teeth getting in just before the 4th post was stumped!) and Ottilie scored another half after great hits from all 3 girls. Iona also scored a nail biting rounder after taking the risk to run from first after a backwards hit, which was fantastic. All girls tried their absolute best at batting. The girls did excellently to only get 2 of themselves out, Ambre accidentally being ran out and India being caught out (a fantastic catch from a St Mary’s girl). With another half rounder from 2 no balls, our girls finished the innings with 5 ½ rounders, taking their total to 7½ rounders.

Although the girls lost I was really impressed with the way they played. They communicated fantastically as a team and have really nailed their catching and throwing. Now time to work on their batting! It was a delight to umpire the game.

Player of the match : Amelia Dewar

Result: Belhaven 7½ - St. Mary's 17