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Match Reports against Cargilfield

Belhaven Hill School: Match Reports for Girls' Netball and Boys' Hockey against Cargilfield

Girls' Netball against Cargilfield


This week the under 9 netball teams finished their season with two games against Cargilfield. Rather than field an A team and a B team, Belhaven fielded two teams of relatively equal strength. This meant that different players would be able to play matches with each other for the first time this season. As an added element, both teams were captained by a Form 6 to give them a little experience of leadership before next year. Unlike in previous matches, both the games ran simultaneously.

In match one, Belhaven gave a good account of themselves competing well for the ball and showing some nice passing skills. Ultimately, though, the Cargilfield team were too strong, particularly with regards to shooting and ran out 8 - 0 victors. In a very effortful performance, Calantha was excellent and was my player of the match.

In match two, there were no scores in the whole opening half of the match with Belhaven dominating territory but with no luck shooting. In the second half, Belhaven were able to pull away for a 3 - 0 victory. Sophia was player of the match for her incredible work-rate.

So, in the end it was one victory apiece. The overall score though represented progress for our players. Given as an aggregate scoreline, Belhaven moved from a 19 - 6 loss from earlier in the season to an 8 - 3 aggregate loss to Cargilfield across two matches. It also leaves Belhaven with a victory in every fixture played this season which the players can be really proud of.

I have very much enjoyed coaching the team this year and I wish all the form 5's luck next year as they move into under 11 netball.

Boys' Hockey against Cargilfield


After a bitterly cold and wet session on Monday, the weather was ideal today for the final match of the 2023 season for the 1st team hockey.

The Cargilfield team is a top notch one and it was never likely that we would win this match but that did not matter at all today – in fact it took a lot of pressure off the boys. I set the boys the challenge of showcasing all that they have learnt this season, of having fun and of never giving up and, by golly, they certainly delivered.

Right from our hit-off to start the match, it was clear that both teams wanted to play and that both teams wanted to move the ball around the pitch quickly – just what hockey on astro should be.

In the first quarter, Cargi scored twice and certainly had the best of possession and territory. I was, however, delighted with how we defended, marking players effectively and tackling bravely with Fin & Johnny both working their socks off. When we won the ball, our transition into attack was rapid and effective.

In the second quarter, they scored once and we managed more surges into their final third, with Beetle & Ted testing their defence and Alfie and Jamie carrying effectively.

In the third quarter we got even more attacking opportunities with Tommy and beetle getting the ball in good areas. Beetle converted one of them for our first goal. Cargi then came back to score as well.

In the final quarter, it remained scoreless and I felt we possibly had the better of it.

Man-for-man, the Cargi players were certainly in possession of higher level stick skills and that was how they managed to unpick us, when it did happen but I really felt that we generally player a better style of hockey. We dropped the ball back to supporting players time and again and passed it around the back and up the wide channels more than they did and showed remarkable bravery and tenacity when defending. The boys stayed calm under pressure and played out of trouble; they also teamed up to tackle and as the match went on, did so more and more effectively.

This really was a brilliant performance and I could not have been more proud of just how well they played and just how far they have come as a group. And what is best of all is that despite losing, they enjoyed the game so much and could see and feel just what they had achieved. It was also a treat for the spectators.

As one of the boys said to me as we were walking away from the pitch, “What a great end to the season.” It was indeed.

Final Score: Belhaven Hill 1 - 4 Cargilfield

POTM: The team!


Belhaven Hill 0 - 5 Cargilfield

Cargilfield as the last match was always going to be a tough proposition and so things panned out.  The first half was relatively even, though Cargilfield were probably worth their two-goal lead as we were not effective enough at holding on to the ball and creating our own chances.  As a result our striker barely saw the ball and the defenders were under persistent pressure.

Belhaven hill School's U13b Boys' Hockey team in action against Cargilfield Belhaven hill School's U13b Boys' Hockey team in action against Cargilfield Belhaven hill School's U13b Boys' Hockey team in action against Cargilfield

I mentioned to the defenders that they needed to keep making sure not to let stray strikers or wingers slip in behind them, and that we had to get the ball out to our wide players, who had begun to drift infield through lack of action.  It was as if I had told the boys to do the opposite, and in the second half our game became even narrower and our truest striker of the ball, Sam, saw even less possession.  That said, we battled to the end and were not outclassed.

Hats off to Laurie for stepping in as last-minute cover in goal, and he did and excellent job in keeping the scoreline respectable.

Belhaven hill School's U13b Boys' Hockey team in action against Cargilfield

Man of the Match: Laurie.


Although the score line does not reflect it the boys played a great game of hockey. It was a even game throughout with chances at both ends. We had a lot of the ball in spells but couldn’t quite get the shots at goal and Cargilfield caught us on the break a few times.

In the second half we began to play some more cohesive hockey with Ollie impressing once again up front with his positional sense, switching sides to support the wings and Hector's energy on the left wing got us creating more chances. Our defenders marked their players more closely and Cargilfield had much fewer breaks into the D. Charlie scored a corker of a goal on the reverse, it was so amazing that Charlie hadn’t even realised he had scored as the ball soared right between the goalie’s pads.

An unfortunate loss but it has given us points to improve for next year. Moving forward, we’ll look to keep the pressure on the ball as well as reacting quicker to the play.

Shoutout to Charlie scoring two of the goals, Ollie, Wilbur and Hector for the great goals, assists and shots on target. Hamish for his great marking in our half and Geordie, Tommy & Tristan for their hard work in defence. Well done to Harry for making great saves, especially in the second half and keeping the score line more even. Congratulations to Hector for Man of the Match, always finding the space and predicting play.


Final Score: Belhaven 4 - 7 Cargilfield

Man of the match: Hector


The boys were excited for the last game of the season, and we all knew that this was going to be tough. Cargilfield always give a good game, and they are known well for their excellent hockey.

Cargilfield started strongly, and it was clear that we were up against some skilful opponents. A number of their players managed to dance around our midfield, and then our defence, with apparent ease, and they scored their first goal within just a couple of minutes. The Belhaven boys did their best to fight back, trying to get it out to the wings, supported well by Kaspar, the captain, and Noah and Jack. Arthur and Fergus played well in midfield, while Aubrey, Lukas, and Bertie made some excellent defensive plays. Even so, Cargilfield managed to score two more before half time. A well-executed pass to Noah on the left side of midfield allowed him to find space and score, just before half-time.

Following a positive half-time chat, the Belhaven boys started with tremendous energy. Ouday was a force to be reckoned with, as he pushed forward relentlessly – he was determined to see us add to the scoresheet – and he made some strong passes into Jack and Noah. Belhaven used the width of the pitch to their advantage in the second half, and managed to score three more. Cargilfield were strong, too, and were certainly not going to give up. In the end, it was like an end-to-end basketball match.

“I am so tired – I have never tried so hard.”

Captain Kaspar

All the boys have given 100% this season, and have played brilliantly as a team. They should be proud. Well done!

Final Score: Cargilfield 6 - Belhaven 4



It was a great fixture to finish our hockey season with.  Cargilfield gave us a real challenge and we rose to the occasion.  We had 2 equal teams playing and swapped with their two teams at half time.

One team drew 5 - 5 and then won 6 - 3.

The other team lost 5 - 3 then drew 3 - 3.

We have improved so much during the term – holding our positions much better, passing early to others in space and supporting each other.  In one team the combination of Xander, Innes and Oak passed well out into space and then back to someone in front of goal.  Leo and Robin worked hard in defence with Leo doing some goal saving tackles.

In the other team, Alexander William and Robin worked to pass into space covering a lot of ground up and down the pitch.  Harry and Archie also worked well, and Harry blocked several attempts on goal.  Alexander scored a super reverse stick goal which was a joy to see. Overall, it was an impressive fixture with signs of great things to come.

The boys have worked so hard this term and I was really impressed with how far they have developed their individual skills and teamwork.  Well done to all of them.

Boys' Hockey: U9 against Cargilfield 2023