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Match Reports for Saturday 4th February against Ardvreck

Match Reports for Saturday 4th February against Ardvreck

Belhaven Hill's Boys' Hockey and Girls' Netball match reports for games against Ardvreck

Saturday, 4th February 2023

Girls' Netball


Belhaven Hill Girls Netball 1st Team

At the end of a busy week of netball, the girls headed up towards Crieff and joined Ardvreck for a pre-match lunch.   After a great warm up from Alice, we won the toss and opted for the first centre pass.  Full of determination, the girls were ready from the starting whistle.  Within four quick passes, the ball was with Lily who found Sophie in a great shooting position and the first goal in less than 40 seconds.  Lottie defending well on her goal line, was able to seek out Ottie to pass the ball forwards.  Great centre court play from Louisa, Alice and Izzi in this quarter, allowed us to keep possession of the ball and more importantly in our goal third. Belhaven 7 – Ardvreck 0

Belhaven Hill Girls Netball 1st TeamOur second quarter was a little more unfocused.   We had sped up the game but also allowed Ardvreck to gain more possession of the ball due to our forced errors.  The defence worked hard in this quarter, Willow had swapped to play GK and moved well about the circle with Ottie.   Despite our hard work defending, Ardvreck had found the goal twice in this quarter.  Belhaven 8 – Ardvreck 2.

A quick half time talk to remind the girls about spacing and taking time on the ball before heading back onto court had worked well.  The team slowed the pace of the ball, Alice carefully taking the full time before passing, Willow using the swing drill to create space and Lily and Sophie holding their own space in the circle. A flurry of goals from both shooters again this quarter.  Belhaven 13 – Ardvreck 4

The aim for the last quarter was to replicate the play from the first quarter.  We kept hold of the ball for longer, Lottie, Willow and Ottie read the defending well in the Ardvreck third, and we were more focused on ensuring the passes were accurate.

Final Score: Belhaven 18 – Ardvreck 4

Well done today girls after an incredibly busy week.  Your play was a little scrappy at times, but you brought it back to include some well-timed passes and use the drills we have worked on to create space.

Belhaven Hill Girls Netball 1st Team

Three stars and a wish today:

Alice taking time on the ball
Willow adapting to every position she played
Marking you opponent better
Continue to create space using the swing drill

Shooting stats so far:

Sophie  43
Lily  17

Boys' Hockey


After enjoying a lunch at school with Ardvreck we headed down to Hallhill for our third match of the season. The boys played a brilliant first half of hockey and Harry did not get much action in the goal. Wilbur score two great goals a straight strike from the top of the D and then a superb short corner, Hector pushing the ball out to a waiting Wilbur who took a step into the D and shot. Another two goals came from Ollie with help from Charlie who crossed the ball across the D and Ollie just swept it in. Geordie and Charlie did well on the wings and kept their space but the boys need to work on getting the ball out to them a bit more as at times all the play was happening up and down the middle of the pitch. Before the half time whistle Charlie managed to get one more goal to give us a strong lead.

In the second half Ardvreck has stepped in up a notch and defender well. We still had lots of shots on goal but their goalie made some great saves. A loose ball was picked up by Ardvreck and they speedily got through to our D and scored. But after a quick restart Hector slotted one last goal in before the final whistle.

Belhaven Hill Boys Hockey U11A team

Final Score:  Belhaven Hill  6  –  1  Ardvreck

Goal scorers:  Ollie x 2, Wilbur x 2, Charlie x 1, Hector x 1
Man of the match:  Wilbur