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Match Reports for Wednesday, 16th March

Match Reports for Wednesday, 16th March

2nd Boys' Hockey v Cargilfield

A blanket of grey, ominous clouds loomed over Cargilfield as the Belhaven 2nds prepared for their match against a notoriously strong opposition. However, the boys’ spirits were high, with the captain, Cosmo, making it clear to the team that they were there to enjoy themselves and, if they defended well and played cleverly in attack, they would be in with a chance. 
With the blow of the whistle, a contest of four 10-minute quarters began. Cargilfield surged forward, with a number of their players demonstrating deft skill in the D. The Belhaven defence was solid and brushed away the Cargilfield advances with impressive efficiency. Charlie, Cosmo, and Josh made some outstanding tackles, and successfully protected the Belhaven goal. Belhaven put together some pleasing play in the Cargilfield half, too, with Jamie, Duncan, Johnny , and Fin working together brilliantly. We had a number of shots on goal and, eventually, Fin managed to find a way around the Cargilfield keeper. 
Cargilfield were relentless in their attack, and managed to score four. However, the outstanding efforts of Henry, Belhaven’s keeper, must be noted. He saved high shots, whizzing shots that were aimed at the corners, and made a magnificent triple save in the dying moments of the match. The Belhaven boys congratulated him on his excellent performance, and everyone boarded the bus in high spirits. Even though the boys had suffered a loss, they appreciated that they had all played well. For me, as a stand-in coach for the match, it was truly wonderful to see the boys play with such positivity, such support for one another. The boys reflected the best of Belhaven and should be very proud of their performance.

Cargilfield 4 – 1 Belhaven 
Man of the Match: Henry 

U11a Boys' Hockey v Cargilfield

Today saw Belhaven U11 play our final match of the season against Cargilfield.  We started brightly enough and a third of the way through the match scores were still goalless.  Cargilfield managed to put some good moves together down their right-hand-side, however and together with an instant finish we went 1-0 down.  Soon after we got an equaliser from a good, close-range effort from Tommy, in typical style but shortly before half-time Cargilfield again went through when our defenders seemed to have lost their men and so we went in at the break 2-1 down.

A quick word of advice about pressing the ball, not allowing Cargilfield the time to play and we were off again.  2-1 though became 3-1 with another break down the right as wave upon wave of Cargilfield attacks told; we did manage to get one back through our own break though, Tommy flicking high past the 'keeper.  Try as we might, and with the short corners we had, we certainly had our chances, we couldn’t force one home and just before time Cargilfield sealed the win with a fourth goal.  Archie was excellent in goal throughout, with two fabulous stick saves.

Men of the Match: Alfie, Archie R..

Belhaven a 2 - 4 Cargilfield a

U11b Boys' Hockey v Cargilfield

Belhaven 2 – 3 Cargilfield

Having heard reports from Mr Curry of how the Cargilfield team had fared in recent hockey tournaments, we knew that we’d be in for a tough afternoon. However, our boys were up for the challenge and being the last game of the season were very keen to end on a high.

Cargilfield started incredibly well, dribbling the ball with confidence and keeping their width on the pitch. They created some early opportunities on goal, which Ivan kicked away with confidence. Ultimately, however, their pressure paid off though two attacks and shots of real quality were needed to get them on the scoresheet.

Blake, Ollie and Sam all played key roles in keeping a solid backline, with Sam moving into a central position as the game progressed. Harry, Archie and latterly Sam controlled play well in the centre of the pitch, feeding Rafe and Charlie out wide, who each made strong runs down the flank. Cargilfield’s backline proved impenetrable for some time, and even Basil, having scored in numerous matches leading up to this one, found it difficult to find space.

The first Belhaven goal came with a running penalty, in place of a short corner. Sam ran confidently at the Cargilfield keeper and slipped the ball into the back of the net. Cargilfield scored a third, before Harry Crombie then put away Ollie’s cross for a well worked goal.

Whilst the outfield play was pleasing, a special mention must go to Ivan who saved two running penalties and made numerous other clearances to keep Belhaven in the game.

The season sadly didn’t finish with a victory; however, the performance was highly commendable and the boys should hold their heads high. Well done!

GoalsSam, Harry
Man of the MatchIvan

U11c Boys' Hockey v Cargilfield

The c-team fared better, despite playing somewhat on the back foot, we did create chances and Monty finally finished one move off, having swiped and missed a static ball on the goal-line (miss of the season, if not of all time!), he swept in at the second attempt.  James played well on his debut in goal and made some good saves.

Man of the Match: Harry F.

Belhaven c 1 - 1 Cargilfield c

U9 Boys' Hockey v Cargilfield

It was our last hockey fixture of the year and we were away to Cargi, a wet and raining day but we set off to Cargilfield.

We were split the boys into two mixed teams and after a warm up got straight into it. The boys were playing two matches, it was a good chance to play lots of game time against a good opposition.

The first games on both pitches didn’t start well as we conceded a few early goals on both pitches. We started to find out feet a bit and start making some good tackles, Cargi just kept piling the pressure on in both games. Archie, Wilbur and Tristan all making some strong tackles. The first game ended and we swapped pitches and got straight into the next game.

On both pitches we started to gain some confidence and some structure. Tristan went through for us and scored a brilliant goal showing really good courage to still get forward when we are struggling. Another good goal on another pitch from Fergus slotting away a good finish.

All the games were played in really good spirit, well done the boys for sticking with it!

U11 Girls' Netball v Cargilfield

The under 11 Netball team travelled to Cargilfield for their final two matches of the season against the U11s Cargilfield A and B team. The girls were in great spirits and keen to put into practice the skills they have developed throughout the season and especially the skills that they learned in their session with the Ampleforth coaches yesterday. We had no subs today so all seven girls played the entire two matches and their energy did not falter.   The first match was challenging but it was fantastic to see much of the play in our attacking end. Unfortunately, despite the ball spending a lot of time in our attacking half, Cargilfield’s shooting was very good and they took the lead as we approached half time. The girls worked really hard to intercept the ball and the marking of both the ball and player was very good. Despite an excellent effort from the Belhaven team, the final score was 8-2 to Cargilfield.

Without much of a break, the girls were back on the pitch against the B team this time and what a match it was! The girls took the lead early with some excellent passing leading the ball into the D where Wendy and Amelia were ready to shoot and ready to get the rebound, which is something we have been working on. Cargilfield warmed up and as we approached half-time it was a draw. Belhaven put up a great fight in the second half, making many interceptions and thinking more about their spacing. The girls won their final match of the season 5-4. Well done to the U11 girls netball team for showing excellent sportsmanship and perseverance throughout the season and particularly today.

U9 Girls' Netball v Cargilfield

Today the U9s travelled to Edinburgh to play against Cargilfield. The weather was terrible in Dunbar but it was dry and bright in Edinburgh, which was great for the last match of the season.

Our first match against Cargilfield was very close and the girls were playing the best netball I had seen them play. Their passing was brilliant and they were marking their partners very well. Within the first minute we got the ball down and Iris scored our first goal. Cargilfield had a few attempts at goal but with Isabella and Molly in defence it made it very hard for Cargilfield to score. At half time it was 2-2 to Belhaven.

The second half was very exciting but we were starting to get tired and we began to pass the ball to Cargilfield. This gave them a few opportunities and they scored some great goals. In the last quarter we picked up a little and Chloe played some super netball and was often escaping her partner to get the ball. In the end, however, the score was 5-3 to Cargilfield. A very close game and the girls showed a huge amount of potential.

Our second was against another Cargilfield team. This game was played at a much faster pace, which was a bit too much for our girls when they were already pretty tired. The girls put up a brilliant fight and Isabella worked her socks off in defence. In the end it was 5-0 to Cargilfield.

We decided to do a short game where we got both schools to mix up and have a bit of fun together. This was hilarious and the girls loved it. There was great excitement and what a wonderful way to end a super netball season. Well done, girls!