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Match Reports for Wednesday, 20th September

Match Reports for Wednesday, 20th September

Belhaven Hill's Hockey and Rugby match reports against Ardvreck and Edinburgh Academy

Girls' Hockey against Ardvreck


The 1st Girls’ headed north to Crieff on Wednesday, full of excitement for the opening match of their season against Ardvreck.

Ardvreck are, traditionally, not particularly strong at hockey so this was a game that we had hoped to get a win in – it turned into a valuable lesson in not making any assumptions prior to a match, as a couple of South African exchange students with fantastic skills dominated play from the outset and immediately put us under pressure.

The girls were shocked in the first 10 minutes and struggled to adapt, standing off players and failing to fall back in defence. As a result, Ardvreck were allowed to move into the circle unimpeded and then shoot with time on their hands and with predictable results – we shipped 5 goals in 10 minutes.

A quick chat after the first quarter and things immediately improved. We pressed and harried a bit harder and managed to limit them to just one goal. Iona ‘The Wall’ G. was brave in never gave up while Eloise’s work-rate was second to none.

In the third quarter, we were even better and not only did we manage to keep a clean sheet but also had a number of forays into their circle and even had a couple of shots at goal. I was hugely impressed by the girls in this quarter. Captain Maya got into some good space up front and her partner in crime, Sienna, also worked very hard to put their players under some pressure. Grace, when she came on, held her position very well and made some good passes to the forward pair.

In the final quarter, it was no surprise that the girls began to tire as they had been working extremely hard in defence and, as they did, Ardvreck managed to slip a few more goals past out brave defence.

This was a tough opening match but it was brilliant to see the girls learn on the job and improve over the course of the 40m of play. Our next match is against Cargi who are usually very strong so we will certainly need to keep working in those defensive skills!

Final Score:  Belhaven Hill  0 - 9  Ardvreck

Player of the Match: Liv –she was certainly busy in goal today and although she let 9 in, she certainly saved an awful lot more than that!


A wonderful game for the 2nd Girls' Hockey on Wednesday, with some of the girls playing their first ever hockey game! We were playing the fierce Ardvreck side who came to the match ready and raring to go. With some amazing teamwork, our captain for the game, Isla Gladstone, played an amazing match and winning my player of the day. She was constantly running around and finding space making it easy for the people who have never played before to get an opportunity with the ball.

Sawyer was amazing at getting her stick down and making some outstanding tackles - she was also our goal scorer for the day, scoring in the last 1 minute of our match!

Although we lost the game, I was very impressed with the standard of hockey shown.

Special mention also to Abi, Alice G and Guyonne who all had a brilliant game!


U11A, B and C


In a thrilling first hockey showdown, Belhaven came agonisingly close but ultimately fell short, with a final score of 4-3 in favour of Ardvreck. The match was a nail-biter from start to finish, showcasing outstanding performances from both teams.

A highlight of the game was undoubtedly Maggie's incredible goal, a remarkable display of skill and precision. It came off a perfectly executed cross by Bee, leaving the spectators in awe of their teamwork. Clemmie also proved to be a force to be reckoned with, notching two impressive goals for Belhaven.

Emily drove the ball up the wing beautifully and was always there to feed the ball back into the D giving her team mates chances to score. Isabella worked her socks off and made a number of strong tackles and cleared the ball wide.

Rose and Sienna worked together in defense and held their ground admirably, thwarting numerous Ardvreck attacks. However, Ardvreck managed to break through their solid defense, securing an additional goal.

Bella, making her debut as the goalkeeper, delivered a standout performance. She showcased remarkable composure under pressure and made a series of crucial saves that kept Belhaven in the game.

Despite the valiant efforts of Belhaven, Ardvreck emerged victorious with a narrow 4-3 margin. The game was a testament to the skill and determination of both teams, leaving spectators on the edge of their seats until the final whistle.



In a highly charged encounter today, the U11B Belhaven Girls' Hockey Team went head-to-head with Ardvreck, resulting in a nail-biting 0-0 draw. The match was a testament to the energy and determination displayed by both teams and, despite the scoreline, it was a captivating contest filled with thrilling plays and moments that kept spectators (and Mrs Grey) on the edge of their seats.

Isobel, the standout player of the match as chosen by both the Ardvreck team and by Mrs Grey, displayed her brilliant skills in defence and unwavering commitment to driving the ball out of the Belhaven’s defending end. Molly was an excellent support to Isobel and also managed some excellent hits out to the wings preventing a few close goals. Bea played as goalie and while the first couple of quarters were quieter for her, she had to keep an eye on the game to defend a couple of near misses. Sophia, Alice, Anastasia, Iris and Cristina worked well as a team. Their play really improved throughout the match as they started using the wings to their advantage. There were many close goals but unfortunately, Ardvreck’s defence was strong and the scoreboard stayed as nil-nil.

Both teams displayed fantastic sportsmanship, and their relentless efforts on the field made this a memorable game. Here’s to a very positive start to the season! Well done girls.

Girls' Hockey U11abc vs Ardvreck 2023




Belhaven 2 – Ardvreck 7

The girls were very excited for their first match of the season as they gathered on the astro.  Having only a few hockey sessions under their belt and learning hockey for the first time for some of them, the main aim today was to enjoy themselves and learn to play the game. 

Mary captained the team today and Belhaven took the first centre pass.  Despite the score, the game was even throughout with play moving up and down the pitch.  Ardvreck were quick to score the first goal, whilst the Belhaven girls were still getting used to the positions on the pitch.  Flora and Eliza were a great pair in defence and after the first 2 goals from Ardvreck, the Belhaven duo began to control the ball more before clearing it from the circle.  Mary and Grace made some good passes between them but the more experienced Ardvreck defenders were quick to stop the ball.  By quarter time, Ardvreck had scored three goals and the Belhaven team had some of their shots saved.

During the second quarter, the team began to pick up pace and Clara moved quickly with the ball into some open spaces.  A first goal for Belhaven was soon scored as she ran into the shooting circle and towards the goal.  With an excited team, they wanted more of the same.  Looking for space on the pitch, the ball was soon with Clara for a second shot on goal.  There was some great teamwork with the mid field and Heidi moved into stopping the balls that came her way, ready to pass forwards again.  By half time the score was Belhaven 2 – Ardvreck 4.

The girls were starting to get hot and tired with their running about but weren’t going to give up.  Eliza switched to more of an attacking role but still managed to return to defend when needed.  Delphine and Flora worked hard to clear the balls in the circle.  Grace was beginning to control the ball more in this quarter and made some good movement up the pitch.  Another 3 goals from Ardvreck this quarter allowed them to firmly take the lead.

The final quarter of the game saw both teams return to even play, moving the ball up and down the pitch and despite some further attempts into the Belhaven goal, they didn’t quite make it today.

I was really impressed with how determined the girls were today.  They improved greatly during the match and it was a great learning experience for them.  Things to work on for their next match:

  • Spacing out on the pitch
  • Stopping and controlling the ball
  • Dribbling more with the ball and moving forwards


The U9 girls enjoying match tea!

Boys' Rugby

U11A against Edinburgh Academy

Belhaven 5 – 10 Edinburgh Academy

It’s always difficult to prepare for the first match of the rugby season and particularly so when making the step up to U11 and contact rugby. Whilst games sessions have been running for a couple of weeks, tackling was only introduced within the last week. Edinburgh Academy had already had 4 matches before facing us, which ultimately showed in their tackling which separated the two teams.

Having arrived earlier than expected, and awaiting the arrival of spectators we played a competitive game of touch rugby. The spectators made their way through the turnstiles, and those who did witnessed some end-to-end rugby. It was very much end-to-end with teams exchanging scores. Xander was the first to score for Belhaven, finishing a well worked try in the corner. The boys were confident passing the ball and offloaded in contact where possible. Phases were built and the tries came. Wilbur got one, Xander another and Geordie a brace. The Belhaven attack looked pretty good for the first match of the season. Sadly, EA didn’t have to work quite as hard for their tries, often scoring straight from the restart, or within a couple of phases. Belhaven’s defensive line and one-on-one tackles will be looked at a lot in the next few rugby sessions.

The game was tight leading into the half time break, with EA just ahead on 6 tries to 5. Sadly, the second half was a fairly one-sided affair as EA extended their lead with no reply.

Whilst the defence needs to improve for future matches, there were a lot of positives that can be taken away from the match. Special mentions must go to Juan for his carries, Xander and Tristan for some solid tackling, Wilbur for controlling the attack, and my man of the match Geordie who was seemingly everywhere.

Tries: Wilbur, Xander (2), Geordie (2)

Man of the Match: Geordie

1st against Ardvreck

Given our weather of late in Belhaven, it was an odd feeling walking out on to long green grass in the rain of Ardvreck. However, the conditions felt far more like a rugby season and an ideal place for this team to begin their journey. The Belhaven team was full of confidence and already showing a great team spirit.

The game got off to a fairly even start but, within five minutes, Belhaven made a fine passage up field with a series of breaks. A good team move was finished off in the corner by Sam and subsequently converted by Alfie. The next attacking success, however, would belong to Ardvreck with some powerful running resulting in two converted tries to the hosts. Try as they might, Belhaven could not make the line breaks they needed.

Half time score: Ardvreck 14-7 Belhaven

At half time, the goal was obvious. Run on to the ball with pace and look to attack the wider areas of the pitch. The response from Belhaven was immediate with pressure being put on Ardvreck defensively for the first real time. Belhaven’s next try quickly followed, Sam again going in at the corner after some fine play from Rafe and Rollo in the centres. Converted by Alfie.

Belhaven had their tails up and powerful running saw William slice through in the same corner for Belhaven to retake the lead with another conversion from Alfie. The next try came, yet again, from powerful straight running by Rafe to assert Belhaven’s dominance over the game. Ardvreck, however, were not finished and rolled their way up the field to power their way over for another score. But it was Belhaven who would have the final say in the match with Sam completing his hat trick in the same corner to complete the game.

Final score: Ardvreck 21 – 33 Belhaven

Coaches Notes: Belhaven were caught a little off-guard with the quality of the Ardvreck team. This was to prove an excellent opening challenge, as our team would have to figure out how they were to win. Ultimately, this is what was most pleasing in the victory. The players were able to adapt and listen to each other and identify where they could achieve success. Rollo was our player of the match for his all-round performance in attack and defence but there were other young players, such as Harry and Charlie, who stood up to the challenge in their first team debut, which was great.

Congratulations to all those players who made their first appearance for our 1st Team. There is, however, little doubt that the challenge will increase over the coming weeks for these players and this initial victory will be the foundation on which the team must build.


U11B against Ardvreck

In an exciting showdown, Belhaven's Under 11B team took on the formidable Ardvreck School, resulting in a 17-5 loss. While the scoreboard may not have favoured Belhaven, the match was a testament to the team's unwavering spirit and commitment to the game.

Right from the opening whistle, both teams showcased exceptional sportsmanship, making it an enjoyable contest for players and spectators alike. Belhaven's young talents exhibited a commendable level of determination and growth throughout the match.

This game was a great learning experience for Belhaven's Under 11B team, giving them a chance to improve their skills and become better athletes. With this positive experience, they can't wait for more opportunities to shine on the rugby pitch in the future.


U9 against Ardvreck

1st match 4 - 7
2nd match 8 - 5

Ardvreck turned up with enough to players for two matches, so Belhaven played twice.  The first match was the tougher of the two for us but we showed glimpses of running better with the ball in hand and aiming for the gaps.  When we did this and passed to a teammate running next to us we were able to keep up the momentum of moving forwards and we scored a couple of lovely tries.  We lost this first match 4 - 7.

In the second match we started to play much better as we managed to keep moving forward, aiming to run through the gaps in front of them and passing the ball into the space.  There were again a couple of tries that included several players which was impressive given that they were starting to get tired by this stage, but they kept playing hard.  We won this second match 8 - 5.

The most rewarding part of the afternoon was that the players knew when it had worked well and recognised themselves what we need to work on to improve.  There have been a couple of great training sessions in the rest of the week.