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Match Reports for games against Loretto

Match Reports for games against Loretto

Final Matches of the 2023 Season for the Belhaven Hill Rounders and Cricket Teams

Girls' Rounders


Belhaven 15 – Loretto 9

The sky was blue and the sun came out for our last ever competitive inter school rounders fixture.  Loretto won the toss and we were put into bat first.  The girls knew they needed to play safe today and not risk too many runs!   The girls were hitting the ball well for our team but unfortunately, Loretto’s fielders were quick to the ball and four of our batters were caught out on their first turn.  Willow, Louisa and Lily followed on their second bat and after just 13 good balls, were down to 3 batters!  Between them, Alice, Lily and Izzi managed to stay in and keep the scores afloat with careful running and well-placed hits.  A final score of 6 rounders from some great second post running was a good target for Loretto to chase. 

As Lily took to bowling, Alice and Ottie were taking no prisoners and anyone who missed the ball was out at 1st post.  Willow made some great stops at 2nd post to reduce the score and Lily took a great catch.  Some great hits from the Loretto girls, who found themselves in a similar position with just a handful of batters left in, allowed them to chase our score, finishing with a total of 4½ rounders.

The girls were reminded to hit the ball as flat as they could to stop the easy catches for the second innings and they were soon back in the game.  Bea and Victoire led the way from a few strong hits and along with Willow, Sophie Alice and Lottie the scores began to increase.  Every little half rounder was vital this innings and the girls played and ran wisely to score these.  A further 9 rounders this innings gave us a total of 15.

The second fielding innings for Belhaven was fantastic to watch. Bea took the first catch of the innings with Willow and Lottie working quickly at 2nd and 3rd post to stump out players.  Lily fielded the balls swiftly from 4th deep back to the post and the non-hitters were facing the deadly duo of Alice and Ottie once more. Lottie took a great catch and then quickly stumping the post saw another batter out – two for the price of one!   After 24 good balls, the Loretto team were all out having scored a further 4 ½ rounders.

What a super match girls – this could have gone either way at half time but you all rose to the challenge and put 100% effort into your game.

Thank you for making Belhaven’s last rounders match (and mine after 22 years of Rounders at Belhaven) such a great one. Rounders is no longer going to formally be played but instead the girls, and I, will be playing cricket next year!



What a great way to end the rounders season, the term and the sporting year with a really close match and a win against our local rivals.

The girls were 6 rounders all after the first innings.  After having been very loose with their fielding in previous matches they were so much tighter today and their second innings fielding performance demonstrated how much they have improved.  We held them to another six rounders with some accurate bowling from Sienna and Liv at back-stop working well with Amelia at 2nd post.  There was some fine fielding by Maya, Charlotte, Iona and Blanca to prevent rounders; Victoire caught someone out and Elektra was solid at first post.

Previously we had struggled to hit rounders but today the girls had shown that they had worked hard to use their whole bodies to hit some long shots allowing us to score eight and a half rounders to Loretto’s six – winning the game by two and a half rounders. Sienna and Elektra (2½ each), Maya and Amelia (2 each), Charlotte and Liv (1 each) and Victoire took their chances well to score.

It has been a delight to coach the girls and see how much they have improved during the term.  Well done, girls.




Boys' Cricket


So, just like that it is the last game of the season! Perfect weather for a good game of cricket.

Belhaven won the toss and chose to bat; we got straight into action. Beetle and Alfie strode out to the middle and started strongly. Beetle scoring 14 and Alfie making 10, but eventually getting out to a very good ball. Johnny came in and tried and scored 8. Jamie and Sam batted well together for a while, Jamie smashing two 6s in consecutive overs. Charlie and Ted then came to the crease and ran between the wickets well and kept the score ticking over. Eck came in and hit his shot of the season, flicking it through square leg.

We finished on 139 after our 20 overs.

After a delicious match tea, we got straight back into the action.

Alfie and Jamie opened up for us. Loretto started their innings very well and made it to 28 – 1 after 4 overs. Jamie took a wicket on the last ball of his spell. Wilf came on and bowled very well, clean bowling a Loretto boy in his first over. Today, though, our fielding was the best part of our game. Johnny had the best piece of fielding of the season with a direct hit with one stump to aim at. We also made 3 other run outs. Alfie finishing the season in style taking the last wicket with a direct hit to win the match.

Well played boys, thank you for all the spectators for coming along to support the boys.

A fabulous season.

Final Score:  Belhaven win by 69 runs.

Player of the Match:  Johnny for captaining very well and an amazing run out.


U9 boys’ class shows through in win against Loretto

This was Belhaven Hill U9s’ last cricket match of the season and meant that we ended up with figures of four wins and one loss from this term’s fixtures.  Put in to bat, Innes and William took us to a healthy score of 30 runs for the loss of just one wicket, Innes clean bowled.  William impressed in particular, scoring 25 runs.  Alexander and his partner from Loretto, drafted in due to a last-minute Belhaven injury fared less well, the Loretto boy being clean bowled and causing Alexander to be run-out but nonetheless the score was moved on by 16.

Oak and Ben then came in and scored 36 from their four overs for no wicket lost and finally Xander and Leo hit a whopping 59 from their four, again with no loss of wicket.  Like William before him, Xander owned the outfield with some thumping fours and even a six.

First Innings: Belhaven Hill 141 for 3 from 16 overs.

In response Loretto started slowly, kept down some able bowling from Alexander and Leo, with a wicket falling during Leo’s over thanks to some quick thinking and accurate throwing by William to cause a run-out.  The rest of the innings followed roughly the same pattern; everyone bowled cheaply without exception and Leo in fact claimed a wicket for himself, clean-bowled while Xander also caused a run-out in the same over.  Ben took a clean-bowled wicket, Xander made a superb catch at silly-mid off William’s bowling and William himself caused a second run-out of the match by him in the innings’ final ball.

Overall we bowled well and fielded adequately on a very small boundary.  One thing to look at for future seasons would be our own individual points of improvement to make, such as not trying to slog a straight ball, bowling through the line without dropping our heads or maintaining concentration when in the field for that moment the ball does come.

Second Innings: Loretto 65 for 6 from 16 overs.


Wickets:  Leo, William.
Catches:  Xander (1).
Run-outs:  William (2), Xander (1).
Stumpings: -
Runs:  Xander, William 25 (no loss of wicket), Ben 13, Oak 9, Leo 8, Loretto player 6 (1 wicket lost), Innes 1 (1), Alexander 0 (1).
Man of the Match:  Close between William and Xander as they scored 50 runs and took four run-outs and catches between them.
Result:  Belhaven U9 boys win by 76 runs.


So that brings to an end a very successful season for all boys who have improved both individually and as a team immensely.  Well done to all U9s and U8s who have come on so well this year.