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Match Reports: games against Cargilfield

Match Reports: games against Cargilfield

Match Reports for Wednesday, 28th September
Belhaven Hill against Cargilfield

Girls' Hockey: U11A

The excitement of our first match had been building since the start of the week and even though the heavens opened just as Cargifield arrived this did not deterrer the girl’s spirit. Wendy, the captain, led her team out onto the pitch looking ready. The first third of the game the girls played brilliantly and were putting everything that we had been practising into play. Maggie and Emily ran defiantly down the wings, crossing the ball in to Ottilie who was ready and waiting in the D. Wendy scored the first goal and the Ottilie scored the next.

By the end of the first third the score was 2-2. The second third started a little slow and as the cold set in the girls needed some encouragement from their captain. India and Bella held strong in defence and cleared the ball out wide and when the ball did sneak through our wonderful goalie Willow was there to block it! Ottilie scored another goal which was then followed by Cargifield getting one back. Whizzy Wendy was everywhere and played a center midfield how it should be played – from being at top D when we were attacking and then sprinting back to help defend our goal, making impressive tackles and the feeding the ball out wide to the wings.

In the last third the girls were defending a short corner and the ball slipped over the goal line. The girls did not let this get them down and kept fighting right till the final whistle. The girls should be extremely proud of how they played showing skill, determination and teamwork. Thank you for those who came to support in rainy conditions and well done to all of the girls!

Player of the Match: Wendy

Girls' Hockey: U9

What a fantastic first match for these girls – they were super excited. The team showed determination throughout the match, especially as the rain poured down, but it didn’t seem to bother them!

Holly was captain today and Sophia was vice captain and both girls offered huge amounts of support to the team. Belhaven had the ball in attack for large amounts of the game with Alice positioned carefully in the attacking circle ready for the ball to pass through. Anastasia tackled brilliantly and won the ball on many occasions, even having a shot on goal, whilst Sylvia was able to move the ball further up into attack. Sophia proved to be an excellent midfielder, going for every tackle she could. Isabella and Lara played well in defence, quickly clearing the ball away and making it difficult for the Cargilfield attack to enter the circle. By the end of the first third, it was still no score and the girls were ready for more.

Meme was swapped on to give Lara a break, whilst Calantha swapped in for Alice. We started the second third well, still ‘honeypotting’ around the ball but beginning to use the width of the pitch. Lots of movement in our attacking circle and some shots on goal from Isobel, just missing each time. Alice switched back on, and in no time resumed her place in the circle and, after some strong tackling by Anastasia and Holly against the Cargilfield defence, Alice scored a goal! Cargiflield tried to make a quick comeback but Isabella and Meme were ready in defence each time.

For the final third, it was time for Isobel to take a rest and Isabella moved up to play midfield. Some great play by all the girls soon saw Holly in the circle and ready to score - a second goal! By the end of the game, the girls were exhausted and weren’t going to let the weather bother them!

Three stars and a wish for the next match:

Great support and encouragement from everyone.

Fantastic enthusiasm, despite the weather!

Great to see some secure stops on the ball from a free hit.

We need to work on spacing

Girl of the matchSophia for excellent encouragement and great tackling


Boys' Rugby: U11A

The first game of the season is always going to be a difficult one, as it’s the first opportunity for the boys to test out their defensive structure and attacking prowess against a similar opposition. Cargilfield are generally a well organised team and today was no different.

Considering the downpour of rain, both teams played some fantastic rugby. Belhaven started on top, with Rollo’s strong running braking holes in the Cargi defense and leading to two fantastic tries. Whilst Rollo may have touched the ball down, the tries came from some fantastic multi-phase play. Arguably the best try was scored by Ollie, it was a real team try that came about from many phases before the ball was passed down the line to score with an overlap in the corner. It was such an impressive try that both sets of spectators were applauding; it was also the topic of conversation after the match.


Whilst the Belhaven attack looked promising throughout the game, the defensive really had a game of two halves. The structure and strength of the tackles by all players was really quite impressive in the first half and nearly led to a 3-1 advantage before the break. However, one last break from Cargi before the whistle reduced that advantage.

Perhaps it was the cold and driving rain that changed the mood in the second half, but the structure disintegrated a little. The Cargilfield boys still had to work for their tries, but scoring two in the second half made them eventual winners. Speaking to their coach after the match, he felt a draw would have been a fair result and I would have to agree. That said, the result was soon forgotten about when it came to match teas and the boys all mixed in with one another, creating friendships that I am sure will be built upon in future fixtures.  

Belhaven Hill 3 - 4 Cargilfield

Tries – Ollie, Rollo (2)

Man of the Match – Harry


Boys' Rugby: U9


A Team 7-10 (w)
B Team 14-15 (w)
A's: Oak C, William F, Ben G, Innes L, Xander L, Leo J-P
Bs: Alexander J, Robin T, Archie B, Harry D

The boys were bubbling over with excitement to play their first match. Both the A and B teams teams played really well (borrowing a couple of Cargilfield boys to make up the Bs) trying their best to play the ball out wide into space. Some fast, evasive running, with players backing up the ball carriers, led to some great tries. We do need to speed up to get back in defence so that we can reduce the number of opposition tries. The boys were really chuffed to come away with wins.


Girls' Hockey: 1st

It was a tale of three thirds and seven aside. A difficult match was expected, the girls were prepared to play a defensive game. The first third started well, with the girls finding their feet and adjusting to their positions. As a team they fought off attacks and moved the ball out of the D to relieve the pressure from Ottie. As time went on, the accuracy and consistency of the passing from Cargilfield broke open some cracks and goals were scored.  

In the second third, the girls concentrated on their structure and run making. This improved the number of our attacking opportunities and won us a short corner. Our lack of follow up meant a beautiful strike from Alice was only admired as opposed to capitalised on. The opposition goal count was stymied during this time. 

The final third seemed to catch up with the girls, tired legs and heads down, we started to leak more goals. The girls still managed to create goal scoring opportunities and moved the ball well. The power, accuracy and consistency of the opposition just lasted longer than we could.