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Tea in the Woods

Meal in the Woods

Outdoor Education

This term the school has introduced a revamped Outdoor Education programme including timetabled lessons.  Form 2 have have been working on camp cooking which has culminated in preparing their supper in the woods under the direction of the school chef, Ian, and eating it round a camp fire.  Opportunities like this allow the children to build up their confidence and resilience, develop life skills, and unwind before exam week!

Form 2 tea in the woods

Written by Davina, Ishbel and Hester

On Friday night all form 2s went into the woods opposite the pitches of Belhaven Hill School. We were greeted by the flames from the fire and the smell of smoke. We were wrapped up warmly ready for our adventure. We were given head torches to light the way, and then we went on a marshmallow hunt. We roasted marshmallows till they were crispy and delicious, as we were told what to do by Mr Pook (the best outdoor education teacher ever!) and Ian (the world’s best chef!).

We got into our groups and built the stove for hot chocolate, then the powder was added, stirred and a few sips later we were in a chocolatey heaven. We chatted by the fire and Ian told us what to do next. The pasta was next. Excitement spread round the fire as we watched Ian show us how to safely prepare the pasta.

In our amazing outdoor education lessons, we have learnt how to use the gas stove safely. So now it was sauce time! We added mushrooms, onions and pepperoni slices to a pan and roasted them and added them to the tomato sauce, and safely drained the pasta as Ian had shown us. We had fun mixing it all together and dished it out onto plates. Everyone was excited to try our creation I would rate it as a 10/10 culinary experience.

Even though we were so full we managed to make space by playing a fun game of hide and seek in the dark so that we were ready for the scrumptious banana split, which was coated with delicious chocolate and marshmallow pieces. A couple of rounds of hide and seek felt like the perfect way to end the day.

Thank you Mrs Parks, Ian and Mr Pook.