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Pre-Prep: Music & Merriment in May

Music & Merriment in May

Form 6
Over the past fortnight Form 6 have had all sorts of fun and adventures starting off with a visit from the Animal Man Mini Zoo. He brought a wonderful collection of small animals, which the children were able to hold and learn about, including a tarantula, giant snails, a snake, and many more!


The following day we welcomed a videographer to film the children and staff (and Cora!) for our new Pre-Prep this space! The children had a brilliant time and we finished with a beautiful walk down by the beach looking in rock pools and finding different types of shells. 

We have seen some inspiring acts of kindness in the last two weeks with Isobel and Clara selling homemade lemonade for charity. Archie and his brothers also sold homegrown produce to raise money. In total they raised nearly £300 for Siobhan’s Trust to help people in Ukraine. Well done! 


We have some knitting enthusiasts in Form 6, which has been lovely to see. The children have been bringing in wool and have been helping each other learn to knit. Meme is our knitting expert and has been showing the others how it is done.  


The children have had a couple of exciting rounders and cricket matches against Ardvreck and St. Mary’s. A large part of the enjoyment is the adventure, particularly if it is an away match, but taking part and meeting children from other schools is a valuable and fun learning experience. 

We had our first Pre-Prep concert, which saw all the children taking part with a variety of instruments including violins, recorders, guitars and cornets. We also had poetry recitations from the Form 6 and fun songs to make everyone smile. The concert was followed by afternoon tea and wonderful art exhibition. 


On our Pre-Prep Taster day, we welcomed lots of new children from ages 4-7 for a morning of fun and a chance to meet each other and their teachers before they start Belhaven in September. The children planted some magic beans, made wonderful Belhaven Eagles and ate some delicious fruit kebabs. 

Our Stars of the Week are Mary and Archie. Mary has made super progress with her reading, and she has been very focused in class. Archie has been working hard and has excelled in his maths over the past fortnight. Well done! 

Form 8
Over the last few weeks Form 8 have been working on a variety of skills; one in particular has been their musical talent as they worked towards performing in their first ever Belhaven concert! The class learnt a variety of songs and showcased the different techniques they have been practising during violin classes with Miss Lloyd. They did brilliantly and even taught the adults a thing or two!


In topic lessons we have been exploring the different categories of plants and considering ways in which plants can be similar and also different from one another. Last week we grew ‘magic beans’ like in the story 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and this sparked conversations about roots and stems and how exactly plants make their own food. 


In numeracy, the Form 8s have been working on creating ‘greater than’ and ‘less than’ sentences using their crocodiles and numicon to help them and Mrs Squishy (above) has been assisting us as we have been practicing counting by 2s and 10s. 

To the class’ great excitement the caterpillars have now all become chrysalises and we are awaiting their transformation into butterflies. The children have named them Sonny, Pumpkin, Blossom, Chompy and Bob!