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Pre-Prep: Action-packed Autumn

Pre-Prep: Action-packed Autumn

Corrina Campbell – Workshops and Talk

Last Friday we were treated to the most wonderful workshops and book talk with the hugely talented children's author and illustrator, Corrina Campbell. The first workshop was all about creative writing and helping the children to be imaginative and to share their interesting ideas.

After meeting Corrina's pet Hedgicorn, Horace, it was the children’s turn to have a go with their own character! They were asked to chose an inanimate object in the classroom to which they added googly eyes to it to bring it to life. The task was then to give it a name and create a story around this character.

The illustration workshop was all about turning shapes into different things such as a circle becoming a face or a triangle becoming a slice of pizza. It was amazing to see how creative the children were with their ideas. Cora even popped along to join the class during this workshop!


After the workshops we enjoyed listening to Corrina’s two books called ‘The Girl who Stole that Stars’ and ‘The Boy who Rescued a Rainbow.’ She let us into all sorts of secrets about the characters and small illustrations that she has hidden in the book. 


Pre-Prep choir welcomed lots of new members in September and we’ve enjoyed sharing our warm-up routine for our bodies, voices and breath. We are focusing on tongue twisters this term (children, test your parents!) and we have put actions to our tongue-twister song ‘Seven Sassy Sailors’. After half term we will focus on our Nativity songs. 
Form 8 have made friends with Nigel (the very popular puppet) and can confidently sing to him individually and in a group. We are thinking about the concept of rhythm (which changes) and beat (which stays the same) and Form 8 have had a go at being conductors. 

Form 7 have started learning how to read rhythms (in ‘blue/jello’ language) and their big challenge this term has been keeping a slow beat in their marching feet whilst clapping their hands twice as fast! Form 7 are starting to explore the percussion instruments by incorporating them into songs. 
Form 6 have learned the musical alphabet (A-G), rhythm reading (in ‘blue/jello’ language), but most importantly they have all earned their keyboard licence and can find middle C and play notes C-G with a good hand position. Two games have been particularly popular with Form 6: War (a rhythm identifying game) and Silent Scrabble (a musical alphabet game). 



Form 6 have continued to work on their alternative sounds whilst also ensuring that they present their work neatly. Mr Langton came into our class this week and was very impressed at the care the children are taking over their work. 

In maths we have been focusing on 1, 10 and 100 more or less than a 3-digit number. This has been quite a challenge particularly when the change in the number of tens results in the hundreds changing too! 

In topic we have been learning about Belhaven during the war and the move up to Aberdeenshire. We have finished off our timelines on Belhaven and the children have drawn brilliant pictures to represent specific events such as the governors meeting when they decided that Belhaven would become co-ed.


Skeletons continue to be the focus in science, this time studying different animal skeletons and endo- and exoskeletons.  

With Mrs Haddon, Form 6 have finished their Joan Eardley style Bass Rock paintings in Art and are working on tartan fashion designs in DT.


Form 7 have worked so hard on their sounds and red words this term. In 6 short weeks, they’ve powered through 11 rather complex new sounds! We will continue with the final few after the holidays. 

In maths, we have finished our place value topic and have had a push on counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s this week. This can be quite a challenging concept, but we’ve used lots of different approaches to make it more enjoyable. The children especially enjoyed using special pens to write number sequences on the window

In topic, we have been learning to locate Scottish cities on map and have discussed what makes each of these cities important or well-known. We’ve learnt which of these cities have castles which led into lots of learning about the key features of a castle.   

Form 8 have enjoyed learning all about shape and have even been listening to a few catchy songs to help them remember what every shape is called. We have also completed our first block of number work which focussed on place value.  

We have continued to learn sounds and are putting these to good use through play-based and written phonics activities. Everyone is enjoying writing sentences and drawing pictures to match what they have written about.  

In topic we have been thinking about who can help us in our community and the history of the community in which we attend school.  

The children have been sharing their work with Mr Langton, choosing whether to show him they learning journals, number work, phonics progress or writing.


Well done everyone on a great first-half of term!