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Pre-Prep Concert & Exhibition 2023

Pre-Prep Concert & Exhibition 2023

On Friday 19th May, the 27 children of the Belhaven Pre-Prep treated their families to a wonderful mixture of music, art, drama and design.

From 2.30pm, we were entertained and informed by children and staff as we listened to ensemble recorder and violin pieces from Forms 8 and 7 (5- and 6-year-olds), solo piano, chanter and violin from Form 6 (7-year-olds) and wonderful singing from the Pre-Prep Choir. Form 6 then performed a magical puppet show, a wordless story of heartbreak on the high seas.

Finally, the audience drifted into the study to see the Art and Design Exhibition, complete with an animation on ‘How to design a logo’ and countless examples of their extraordinary work.  


Pre-Prep Concert & Exhibition Gallery