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Pre-Prep: Fairer weather in February

Pre-Prep: Fairer weather in February

 The Pre-Prep have been enjoying the fairer weather and lighter afternoons. In Outdoor Education, they have focused on teamwork and physical development. Everyone has loved listening to stories and relaxing outside, cloud gazing and deep breathing! They all enjoyed litter picking within our local community and learning about the recycling processes. We have collected items for our mud kitchen from the beach, which the children are enjoying using to make all sorts of potions. We are also learning about tides and the moon. 

Form 6
Form 6 have continued to work on addition and subtraction, focusing on learning the written method of column addition and subtraction. They have used their maths digital tools on their iPads and concrete materials to support the development of using mental strategies to following a set method. This improves their understanding of the process. 

In Literacy, we have been learning about paragraphs and using this to help us as we start to bring together all our ideas to write our Spoken English. The children have been very focused and have enjoyed writing about a topic that they are passionate about. 

We have started our Polar Explorers topic and have been looking at the location and climate of the polar regions. We have been comparing the two places and looking at the similarities and differences. The children have been surprised to find out how different the two locations are. Moving forward we will be looking at polar animals and three inspirational polar explorers. 

Below: Form 6 polar bear sculptures and shadow puppets



Form 7
In Numeracy, Form 7 have been learning about arrays and how these can help us to calculate groups of items and work out simple multiplication problems. Within our non-number work we have been learning about capacity and volume and thinking about when to use millilitres and when to use litres. Form 7 were horrified to realise that for every litre of fuel you put in your car it costs approx. £1.60!


Literacy and Topic have been closely linked this last fortnight as the children have been using their iPads to research their own planet within the solar system and starting to prepare their Spoken English talks. The children also joined an inspiring live seminar with astronaut Helen Sharman!  Form 7 have been incredibly motivated to research and write and are already excited to perform what they have learnt next month.  

The children have also been practising their cursive writing...


In Science, we have been exploring everyday materials and thinking about why things are made with particular materials. We have also been learning about the concept of gravity and considering the impact a greater gravitational pull would have on a planet and also the floating effect on those planets with less gravitational force.  

Form 8
Form 8 have been enjoying practicing our listening skills by completing a listening activity every week. They have also been extending their knowledge of phonics and enjoying using what they know to build amazing fact files about minibeasts.  


We have started to understand numbers and number processes up to 50 and have been learning about capacity and volume.  

In topic we have been learning about animals around the world and have enjoyed figuring out what animals we could see behind a pair of binoculars. We were also learning about animals during a lesson on Noah’s Ark. Not only did we learn the interesting story but it has also helped us to start counting in 2s.  

We all enjoyed celebrating Josephine's birthday together!  

Have a wonderful half term everyone!

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