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Pre-Prep: Flying Start to September!

Pre-Prep: Flying Start to September!

The Pre-Prep have got off to a flying start this term! It has been wonderful to see all the children settling into their routines whether they are new to the school or simply settling into a new classroom. We are excited to have another dog in the Pre-Prep, Olive the golden retriever, who is loving all the cuddles and walks from the children.

In Form 6 the children have been experiencing many firsts such as doing Art and DT with Mrs Haddon, Drama with Mrs McGrath, STEM with Miss Watt and the most exciting - showers after games! This is all to prepare the children for their move into the Prep school at the end of the year. We focus on helping the children become more independent, being responsible for their belongings and organisation.  

In topic we have been looking at the history of Belhaven, studying old maps and photographs, and discussing all the changes that have happened over the past 150 years, beginning with the house, which was called Winterfield House. The children have been learning about timelines on different scales and we will begin to piece together the timeline of events that have occurred during Belhaven’s time as a school. 

In maths our topic is place value and we are making our way towards numbers up to 1000. Our focus is on the value of the digits in a number and the different ways we can partition numbers using a part whole model. 

In literacy we have been going over set 3 sounds and looking at different graphemes with the same sound. We have been working hard on our presentation and handwriting. 

Human skeletons – the name of the bones and their functions – have been the focus of science and we have started to look at different groups of animals and how their skeletons are similar and different. 


In Form 7, the children have settled into their learning seamlessly. We have started our Topic which will focus on Scotland and all things Scottish! A real highlight has been learning the parts of a castle and creating McCoo artwork based on Steven Brown’s famous work.  

In science, the children have been exploring man-made and natural materials and have learned scientific words to describe their properties.  

In maths, we are working hard to recap place value within 100. The children are growing in confidence with part-whole models as well as number lines.  

In literacy, we have been learning a wealth of new sounds and the children are getting so good at applying these new sounds to their independent writing. We are striving to include all the key features in our sentences, for example, capital letters, full stops, finger spaces etc.  


Form 8 have started their learning through play journey! They have started their topic: All About Me, where they share what makes them special and they will also be looking to understand their local community better.  

They have started phonics and are beginning to blend their sounds together to form words and even sentences. In number work, we have been working on number formation and place value within ten. This gives us a strong foundation of skills and knowledge which will support our learning throughout the year.


Together we have been enjoying songs and stories, focussing on phonological awareness. We have been listening out for rhyme, alliteration and sounds.  


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