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Pre-Prep: Sprinting into Summer

Pre-Prep: Sprinting into Summer


Last Friday, Caitlin, a marine biologist working on the Restoration Forth project came to school to talk about introducing native oysters and seagrass into the Forth. We all then went down to the beach with Caitlin to look at the different creatures we could find in the rock pools. Cora also joined us for the walk and spent most of her time finding rocks in the rock pools! 


On Friday, it was also the Pre-Prep Concert and Exhibition 2023. This was a wonderful display of all the work the children have been doing in music lessons and choir with their teachers Miss Lloyd and Mrs Parks. The children showed a huge amount of courage and creativity to get up on the stage and perform such wonderful music, particularly those who did a solo performance. After the concert the Form 6s performed an emotional shadow puppet show with Mrs McGrath using the puppets they made with Mrs Haddon in DT. The Art and DT Exhibition showed a huge variety of skills and techniques that the children have been learning throughout the year. A huge thank you to Miss Lloyd, Mrs Parks, Mrs McGrath and Mrs Haddon for all your hard work and the support you give the children.  See the Concert & Exhibition gallery.

The children have also been very excited about the preparations for the Centenary Ball, which took place on 27th May, and even helped to arrange some of the flowers for the tables in After School Club. 


Over the next fortnight the children will be working towards their Sports Day on 9th June - practice for the three-legged race has already begun! That evening the Form 6s will also be taking part in our camp out. An exciting two weeks ahead! 

Form 6 

In Topic the children have been piecing together the timeline of Shackleton’s Endurance Expedition which, in literacy lessons, they have started to use to write their own newspaper article. They are imagining that they are a journalist over a hundred years ago and have been given the opportunity to interview a number of the crew members. Next, they are going to design a newspaper template in computer science that includes a headline, byline, picture, and caption before adding in their article. 

In maths, the children have been continuing to work on multiplication and division, in particular the 8 times tables. We have also been looking at telling the time to five minutes and one minute. This can be quite tricky so any opportunities to practise at home would help to consolidate their learning. 

In science we have started talking about the life processes using the acronym MRS GREN. Each of these helps us to determine if something is living or non-living. They have noticed that some things that we know are non-living do link to a few of the life processes. For example, a car can move. 

Form 7 

This week, we have continued our learning on ‘Animals Including Humans’, with a focus on extinct animals. We created a timeline of animals who have become extinct and looked at the reasons why this might happen. Whilst listening to the story ‘There’s a Rang-Tan in my Bedroom’, the children were shocked to hear that orangutans were considered ‘critically endangered’ and may go extinct if we don’t intervene.  

Persuasive writing has been the focus of English lessons and the children have written an excellent letter to the kitchen staff at Belhaven asking about their use of palm oil. We will be working on more letters in the coming weeks to encourage people to use alternative oils in order to reduce deforestation and protect orangutans. 

In maths, we have been using our understanding of number bonds to 10 to solve addition problems. For example, 8+7 can be solved by partitioning 7 into 2 and 5, adding the 2 onto 8 to make 10, then adding the remaining 5 to make 15.    

Form 8 

Form 8 have been working very hard to build up to writing an imaginative story. So far, they have written a character and setting description. Mr Marriott joined one of our writing lessons to share our learning and he was absolutely blown away by some of the adjectives and exciting language that the children used.  

In number work, the children have started to learn the basic concepts of division by looking at grouping and sharing. They have enjoyed using practical materials to support their learning. The children have also started to learn about time. They are beginning to understand the concept of dates and are using mathematical language to support this.  

The class topic has afforded the children lots of opportunities to take our learning outside. The children really enjoyed getting outside and collecting data about the plants on our school grounds.