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Pre-Prep: Toasting Tradition

Pre-Prep: Toasting Tradition

On Thursday 25th January, we celebrated Robert Burns Day. The children looked wonderful in all their tartan! They performed Auld Lang Syne and My Heart's in the Highlands for the Prep School before the haggis was piped in and we watched James Brodie's remarkable address. This was followed by a Dashing White Sergeant and the Virginia Reel. (Watch their beautiful performance here).



Wider Achievements

The children often come into school telling us about the things they have achieved in their holidays and weekends. We have been so impressed that we have decided to display these achievements on the wall in the Pre-Prep so that we can all celebrate what they have done. Josephine came second in her ski race, Innes read over twenty books in the holidays and passed all the accelerated reader quizzes, Cleo and Flora have written stories for the 500 word competition, Max shared his level 4 swimming certificate, Ruaridh took part in a very tricky and muddy obstacle race and Lexy wrote a beautiful story that took her over 3 hours to write! Well done everyone! 



Pre-Prep have been learning about the instruments used in Scottish traditional music. Form 6 wrote and illustrated postcards about their favourite instruments and were surprised to learn that Scotland has several different types of bagpipes, all of which are quieter than the highland pipes! Pre-Prep had another opportunity to practise their performance skills by singing two songs by our national bard, Robert Burns, in front of the whole school. It is wonderful to see the Pre-Prep choir grow in confidence each time they perform.  


Form 8 

Form 8 have had a wonderful start to the term. The children have loved getting started on our new topic which is Under the Sea. As part of our play-based learning, our role-play area has been converted into a travel agents. This has sparked lots of interest for the children and they have been writing holiday checklists and creating passports. A few ‘holiday checklists’ included a sleeping bag, teddies and most – but not all – remembered that they would need clothes!  

In English, we continue to learn new sounds and continue to build words. This is helping us to write more independently and read back our work. In writing, we are learning to write character descriptions with a particular focus on adjectives.  

In Maths, we have been learning and consolidating our knowledge about place value to 20. We will be learning about length and height. It will be great to enjoy a lot of our learning in active ways and through play.  

Form 7 


What a busy start to the new term we’ve had in Form 7! We’ve started our new Topic which is Space! The children have been learning about how the planets orbit the sun and how the moon and the International Space Station orbit the Earth. We’ve even learned how to wash your hair and brush your teeth in space! We’ve started using a new app called Epic which gives us access to 1000s of books. We’ve used the non-fiction books to research the solar system to find out new facts about planets and stars. 

In Maths, we have started learning all about money. The children have been introduced to the terms ‘pounds’ and ‘pence’ and have been learning how to count collections of coins. They especially enjoyed getting their own ‘Piggy Banks’ and adding money to count!  Some of the children have been using related facts to help them count, for example, 20p + 10p + 50p is similar to 2p + 1p + 5p. 

In English, we will be focussing on non-fiction texts in reading and information reports in writing. We spent time investigating some information reports and have learned that they all have a title, an introduction, subheadings, paragraphs and a conclusion. We will work towards writing our own information reports this term which will be our Spoken English presentations.  

A jam-packed term indeed! 

Form 6 

In literacy we have been working on sentence structure, using our sounds to improve spelling and writing descriptions. After the weekend out we will start to work on our Spoken English writing. In Form 6 they can choose a personal topic to write about, which can be anything from family to teddy bears. 

In maths we have been working on addition and subtraction with 3-digit numbers. We have been adding on and taking away 1s, 10s and 100s from 3-digit numbers and spotting patterns e.g. 2+ 4 = 6, 20 + 40 = 60, 200 + 400 = 600. The children have been working on their problem solving by using what they have learnt to figure out missing numbers from a word problem. 

In science our focus has been on the 5 food groups. We have been learning the names of the groups, what food is in the groups and what the function is of those foods. We have even sampled a few – avocado was very popular! 

In topic we are now looking at Polar Explorers. We have just started learning about where the poles are and the differences and similarities between the Arctic and Antarctica. Next week we will talk about what it means to be an explorer and learn all about Captain Scott and the story around his final expedition.  

This term in games, we have continued with hockey and taken up netball. This has been great because hockey is the most difficult sport and it takes the longest to progress to a level where they can really start to understand and enjoy the game. The ball skills they have been practising in rugby and PE have made a huge difference to how well they have taken to netball so far. After the weekend out we are going to start focusing more on the different positions.  

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