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Prep School Sport, Art and Design Exhibition Day 2024

Prep School Sports, Art and Design Exhibition Day 2024

What a relief it was to wake up on Saturday to blue skies! In this summer of seemingly endless rain, to have had two successive dry days for our Sports days seems almost miraculous.  

This year’s sporting event was notable for how tightly fought was each and every element of competition, and the range and depth of excellence on offer. In previous years, a few individuals have dominated the athletics, and their Patrol has been victorious: this year, no one was sure who would end up where, and there were some fantastic races, jumps and throws as a result.

A particular mention to the two senior winners: Pom has been suffering with illness over the last fortnight and Rafe has come back from serious illness and then a broken arm – great examples both of resilience and fortitude. 


The variety of brilliant art and design on display (article and galleries to follow asap!) showed just how many children are producing work of great quality, and it was lovely to see the pride with which family tours were conducted as the day wound its way towards 4pm. The Pipe Band played superbly and, all in all, it was a very good day to be at Belhaven. 

Watch our Instagram Reel for a taster of the day's sporting events:



Victor/Victrix Ludorum trophies were awarded as follows: 

Junior Girls – Eliza A
Junior Boys – Monty S

Middle Girls – Emily B
Middle Boys – Wilbur B/Xander L

Senior Girls – Pom G
Senior Boys – Rafe C


Patrol Trophy final standings: 

1st - Woodpeckers 

2nd – Wolves 

3rd – Owls 

4th – Lions