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Scholarship News


Scholarships 2021

The year has ended brightly with Scholarships being won. This goes to show what can be achieved through hard work and determination, especially in the circumstances that the Covid-19 restrictions have placed on the school and pupils.

Congratulations to the following children who have gained awards:

Bella - Academic Scholarship to Marlborough College

Faith - Academic Scholarship to Rugby

Archie - Music Scholarship to Ampleforth (Basil Hume: Singing/Pipes/Piano)

Robyn - Music Scholarship to Glenalmond (Singing/Piano)

Kit - Music Scholarship to Ampleforth (Basil Hume: Singing/Pipes)

Harry - Music & Sport Scholarship to Sedbergh.

Scholarships 2020

This year has seen another tremendous set of results for children who sat Scholarships.

In all this year, Belhaven pupils took either distinct or combined awards in a mixture of academics (5), art (5), sport (10), drama (2), piping (1), drums (2) & music (1) to seven different schools.

In no particular order the following successful pupils are:

Flora to Ampleforth (Basil Hume Art)
Lucy C to Oundle (Academic/General)
Alexander to Fettes (Piping)
India to Stowe (Art)
Daisy to Fettes (Sport & Art)
Annie to Ampleforth (Basil Hume Sport & Art)
Ruaraidh to Strathallan (Skiing)
Calypso to Stowe (Roxburgh Drama, Sport & Music)
Cleodie to Fettes (Sport)
Wilfred to Fettes (Sport & Pipes)
Lucy T to Strathallan (Academic & Sport)
Polly to Loretto (Drama)

Whether you received awards, or not, we are very proud of you all and the tremendous effort you put into them.