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Senior Football U13 v Merchiston

Senior Football: U13 v Merchiston

So after 2 and a half years we have a football fixture vs Merchiston at home. All the players in the team have been taking part in our weekly football activity. It was brilliant to have a mixed team with Flora playing for Belhaven who played amazingly for her first ever football match.

So we got straight into the business with a very tight and even first half. Both defences standing very strong as James putting in a few good slide tackles to save Duncan in goal from having to do anything in the first half. We had some good attacks with Pedro and Luis almost playing Carlos in a number of occasions. A mention to Fin who came into the team last minute who stood strong at left back making a number of tackles and being very composed on the ball.

There were no obvious goal chances in the first half so big tactical talks at half time from both coaches who spiced up the game in the second half.

The second half both teams set up much more attackingly which made the game much more entertaining for the spectators. Belhaven started the second half strongly and created many more opportunities than the first half. We began to get out midfield into our attacks more and more as the half went on. A mention to George as he was our midfield engine running up and down the pitch to help defence and attack all game. We managed to get a corner due to a deflected shot, this was the best chance of the second half yet. Pedro floated in a ball that looked like it was going over everyone’s head towards the back post, then suddenly James turned his back towards goal, he then leapt into the air and geared up for a bicycle kick. The groans from the crowd as thoughts go through their heads thinking, he has watched to much professional football its’s never going to work. Then amazingly James generated enough power to kick the ball mid-air facing the wrong way, it was heading towards the bottom right hand corner but the keeper was having none of it as he dived full stretch and palmed the ball to safety.

We then moved quickly on with a few more corners and attacks go our way. Merchiston looked good on one attack and tried to get numbers into the box for a cross. George made a brilliant tackle who then passed the ball to Pedro who ran up the right wing and slotted the ball into Carlos who was through on goal. He took a touch and let fire a powerful shot going towards the top left corner, the ball hit the underside of the crossbar then the inside of the left post and rolled behind the keeper and one of the defenders cleared it away.

The spectators were thinking at this point what Belhaven need to do score. We were in the final 5 minutes and desperate for a goal to win the game. Pedro picked the ball up on the right hand side of the pitch and floated the ball in to the box, the ball was bouncing around, and the ball took a slightly funny bounce and went into one of the Merchi defenders with his hands up above his waist. Mr Curry blowing his whistle and pointing towards the penalty spot. Luis stepping up to take the penalty, he looked nervous. He placed the ball down on the spot and set himself. He ran up and calmly slotted the ball into the bottom right hand corner, the keeper had no chance. The team and spectators were ecstatic. Belhaven the well and truly parker the bus for the final five minutes until full time.

A brilliant win, our first ever win against Merchiston after 20 games. Many thinks to Mr Curry for refereeing and a huge well done from Mr Brown to all the players, you were brilliant.