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Summer Term Outdoor Education

Summer Term Outdoor Education?

Summer Term Outdoor Education


This term’s theme for Outdoor Education is Bushcraft. Bushcraft develops the skills to survive living as much as possible off the land with limited equipment. We are building up to a ‘Bushcraft experience’ at Woodland Ways for as many children as possible at the end of term. In order for the children to get the most out of this experience, all of the lessons this term will be focused on improving their skills in the four key areas of survival: Water, Food, Shelter and Heat. This will mirror their experience at the end of term, when the professional instructor at Woodland Ways will concentrate on these four areas.  

Through this we not only hope to connect the children more with the environment and the local area but also appreciate life without modern conveniences such as flushing toilets and the internet! During Activities Week, Form 2 will be doing a week-long “Bushcraft” course in the shadow of Lammer Law (5 Miles south of Gifford) with Woodland Ways – with Forms 3, 4 & 6 each joining them for a day. As Form 5 are experiencing camping out in a different location earlier in the week, they will not going on this trip but will get their chance next year.


We are also planning on having a night of Sleeping in the shrubs under shelters for Forms 3, 4, 5 & 6 where the children will help prepare a meal, build a shelter and have a night at school under the stars! The school will provide all the equipment with the exception of sleeping bags. Day children will need to come in with a wash bag and whatever else they need to be ready for school the following morning – but no PJs needed as PE uniform will do!


Form 3 Boarders will need to return to school after this weekend with a Sleeping Bag – if this is an issue (for example if you live overseas) please contact me as the school has a few that the children can use.


Form 6 Sleep Out: Tuesday 8th June

Form 5 Sleep Out: Tuesday 1st June

Form 4 Sleep Out: Friday 4th June

Form 3 Sleep Out: Friday 21st May

Form 2 Bush Craft: 21st to 25th June


It goes without saying that Covid might get in the way but as it stands, we have confirmed that all of this can go ahead

Will Pook