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Thursday Run Record Attempts - May 2024

Thursday Run Record Attempts - May 2024

Thursday, 30th May, saw our best and also our most determined runners take to the 2K or 3K for one final time this year.  As we have pushed for excellence more and more, records are now much harder to come by and as such the day has become as much about celebrating our best and giving runners the best conditions to run in for their attempt to run their personal best, or attempt to run quicker than 12 minutes for 3K.

Despite the awfully wet weather of late, some fabulous performances were put in and records fell.

In the pre-prep races we have some outstanding runners and Annie F. took the Form 6 3k record by covering the ground in just 14m 36.  Lochie O. was even faster, completing the run in 12m 51s, also a record but in the boys’ section.  The Form 7 races were bountiful in terms of quality and records.  Rufus B. claimed the 3K record in 14m 44s, just a second ahead of Harris, and also claimed the 1K time in 4m 49s.  In Form 8 Lettie L. took the girls’ 2K record in 13m 13s and Rory T. both the boys’ 1K and 2K records in 4m 54 and 9m 58.  What a feast of excellent running.

In the afternoon we were treated further as Archie S. came home first, covering 3K in just 11m 23s, cementing his position as the school’s quickest runnerClemmie G.-C. became just the fourth female runner in the school to run sub-13 minutes, as she came through in a time of 12m 50s.

It was, however, in the junior section that the most excitement was to be had.  Xander lowered his own personal best to 11m 49s, as did Patrick to a seemingly unbelievable 11m 32s – both unbelievable for F4 pupils.  Anastasia, also in F4 also notched a sub-13 minute time (12m 52s) but pride of place went firstly to Monty S. who lowered his own record for 3K to 11m 32s, and in so doing took the 2K record at 7m 44s as well.  Secondly Finlay T. nicked the 2K record by one second as he finished in 8m 26s, and then proceeded to pinch Lochie’s 3k record – set earlier that day – also by one second, in 12m 50s!  Never has a record been so sadly short-lived!

All in all a day full of P.B.s and records – what a phenomenal bunch of runners.

Mr. Curry