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Try an Instrument Day

Try an Instrument Day

Over 12 different musical instruments to hit, bow, pluck  or blow

The first Saturday morning of the school year was spent with all pupils in Forms 2-6 (plus new pupils in Form 1) partaking in our first ever Try an Instrument Day.

This was a new venture for the school this year.

Our dedicated team of Visiting Music Teachers freely gave of their time to come into school, not only to demonstrate their instruments, but to bring in many different instruments for the pupils to try. 

Here are most of the pupils who attended the morning.

Every single pupil was given a free lesson on 13 different instruments. They were able to try every instrument that is taught privately here at Belhaven Hill. The day was received very well by the boys and girls, who were all overwhelmingly positive.

Last year over 90% of pupils at Belhaven were having a weekly individual lesson in school on a musical instrument, with many learning two. This has now increased to 94.5% of all pupils having lessons on a musical instrument and there are now 122 individual instrumental lessons every week. Our aim is to keep this figure and, indeed, increase it, as playing an instrument has numerous benefits to the development of children. 

Here are photos of some of the classes they had in Pipe Band Drumming, Guitar, Violin and Cello, Chanters, Bagpipes, Drum Kit, Piano, Keyboard and Flute, Saxophone, Clarinet, Piccolo and Recorder.

We look forward to repeating the day next September.