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U11b Rugby Season Report

U11b Rugby Season Report

2021 U11b Rugby Report

What a season it was for the Belhaven U11b team.  In total for and against 129 tries over four matches, or a try every 65 seconds for 140 minutes!

With a huge number of boys we hoped to do well and so it proved, as we posted our first unbeaten season in many years. A season that began with a comfortable 23 - 7 thumping of Loretto away, as Sam in particular enjoyed the open spaces and flailing arms Loretto offered, affording him to go on to score eight tries.  This was followed up by another comfortable win, 27 tries to 12, this time at home to St. Mary’s.  Charlie J. and Archie R. were thriving in the early November mud as they each ran in five tries.

We had been working on running on to the ball at pace and defending in a more organised fashion with our next match against an equally large group of boys from Craigclowan.  This all went out of the window on the long drive up to Perth as the match soon became rugby basketball, neither team able to tackle particularly effectively and trying to blast a hole through the middle of the opposition defence time and again.  That the match finished  15 tries all was no coincidence, as neither team had ever been more than two tries from the other.  Again Sam and Archie R. stole the headlines with some good forward play.  At the same time we managed a rare C-team match against the same opposition in which we won comfortable 2 - 0.

Our final run-out was more of a stroll as we hit Fettes for 17 tries, conceding only three.  It was a poor game because the opposition could not tackle well and as a result this meant that we became selfish, trying to score individually and as such all structure left our game.  Sam and Harry F. got more than half of our tries as we muscled through more often than I would have liked to see us do.

Played 4, Won 3, Drawn 1, Lost 0, For 82 tries, Against 37.

Sam (21), Archie R. (13), Charlie J. (12), Hamish (7), Will (6), Harry F. (5), Noah (4), Ivan (3), Fernando (3), Charlie T. (2), Ollie (2), Monty (2), Blake, Harry C., Jack.

Player of the Season: Charlie J. for working on his courage to become an effective tackler and good player, spotting holes in the opposition defence.