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Writing Competition - Bonfire Night

Writing Competition - Bonfire Night


Pupils were set the task this week of reflecting on a brilliant evening last Friday as we celebrated Bonfire Night with a spectacular display of fireworks.

They were asked to write either a short story, poem or newspaper report based on the events of Friday evening.

There was a high volume of entries and each pupil who did so received a plus point.

Three runners-up, who deserve a special mention and will receive a commended for their efforts, were Sylvia G and Anastasia G-C from Form 4 and William S in Form 1.

The winner of the competition was Clemmie G-C for her brilliantly crafted poem packed full of original imagery, graceful rhythm and rhyming couplets befitting of the evening. Well done, Clemmie.


People silent all around,
formless shapes are on the ground.
They're all wanting something more, 
it's fireworks they're waiting for. 


The sky lights up so bold and bright,
the fiery Kings of Bonfire Night.
Dazzling comets, red and green,
wonders like you've never seen.


Such patient beasts in the dark,
rising with a single spark.
It's fireworks that you can see,
their joyful shouts so wild and free.


Bangs will cry out all around,
they're giants stuck within the ground.
One last twirl, a whoop, a bend,
Bonfire Night is at an end.


By Clemmie G-C