Belhaven Hill School

Co-ed Boarding & Day School for ages 5-13

Our Staff

Our Staff (gallery)

"Staff appear effortlessly to achieve the often mutually exclusive combination of high standards and expectations in a caring, supportive and low pressure environment."


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Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff (ID 1047)

  • Mr Olly Langton
  • Mr John Marriott
    Deputy Head Academic (SMT)
  • Mrs Katie Gale
    Deputy Head Pastoral (SMT)
  • Mr William Townshend
    Head of Geography; Head of Sport
  • Mrs Amanda Parks
    Form 5 Class Teacher
  • Mr Noel Curry
    Head of Classics
  • Mrs Karen Leitch
    Head of Learning Support
  • Ms Lucy Wimbledon
    Head of Art
  • Mrs Jane Haddon
    Art, RMPS, DT
  • Mrs Lesley Townshend
    Form 4 Class Teacher
  • Mrs Sophie Swift
    Form 4 Class Teacher
  • Mrs Anna McGrath
    Housemistress of Girls' House; Drama
  • Mr Ian Dryburgh
    Head of PE & Sports Coach
  • Mr Jack White
    Housemaster of Boys' House; Maths
  • Mr Jak Purkiss
    English & Humanities
  • Mrs Lindsay Grey
    Head of French
  • Mr David Dawson
    Head of Science
  • Miss Emily Watt
    Head of Computer Science
  • Mrs Hannah-Louise Scott
    Head of Music (Prep School)
  • Mrs Alice Johnstone
    Pre-Prep Lead & Class Teacher
  • Miss Leanne Birrell
    Pre-Prep Class Teacher
  • Mrs Rachel Gibson
    Pre-Prep Class Teacher
  • Mrs Rebecca Macdonald
    Pre-Prep Teaching Assistant
  • Miss Marian Lloyd
    Head of Music (Pre-Prep)
  • Mr Angus Brown
    Teaching & Boarding Assistant; Sports Coach
  • Miss Amelia Dyer
    Teaching & Boarding Assistant


Non-Teaching Staff

Non-Teaching Staff (ID 1048)