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A flying start to 2022 for Form 6

A flying start to 2022 for Form 6

The Spring Term has got off to a flying start with brilliant stories of Christmas presents and family visits. We also welcomed Clara to the class, who has been a wonderful addition to Form 6. Cora was excited to see the children back in the classroom, with lots of tail wagging and nudges for a stroke or a cuddle.

The children have had to adapt to a new teacher, well, a new name. I have been unbelievably impressed at how quickly they have managed to get used to saying 'Mrs Johnstone'. They even have to keep me right!

The children have been working hard and have written beautiful thank you letters, which they sent to their lovely parents, to show their appreciation for such a fun-filled holiday.

We have continued to work on our adverts, which was great fun. Lots of teamwork and practice followed by filming around Dunbar. Both Dunbar Pool and East Links Family Park were very kind and let us come in to do some filming.

When we returned to the classroom, the challenging work began. They had to learn how to use iMovie on the iPad to put together and edit their video clips into an advert. They chose a song, added text, varied the transitions between clips and even did some voice overs. I was very impressed with the results, and we hope you enjoy watching them.


 Since finishing their animation in DT (see below), the children have been inspired by one of the Scottish inventors in their film – David Brewster, the inventor of Kaleidoscopes. They are now making their own using cardboard tubes, reflective card and coloured cellophane chocolate wrappers. It has been quite fiddly and they had to use their knowledge of measuring with rulers and multiplying by 3 or 4 to find the right place to mark their mirror sections but the results are fantastic.


In Music this term, the children have started to learn the recorder. So far they have accomplished holding the recorder correctly, covering the holes properly with their fingers and learning to play the notes B, A and G, using the treble clef and the rhythmic notation learnt last term.

For Drama this term, we have been working on the theme of ‘Friendship’. We have been exploring different conflict/ resolution scenarios, whilst developing core drama skills. Mrs McGrath has been very impressed with the improvisatory skills in Form 6. There are some vivid imaginations and a real willingness to commit to character.

We have changed sports this term, with the girls focusing on netball and the boys on hockey although on a Tuesday we have all been playing netball together, which has been great fun.

The boys had a football match at the start of term against St. Mary’s and they did very well, especially considering it is not a sport they play that often. The girls also had a netball match against St. Mary’s and the boys a hockey match against Loretto.

The children have been loving their Walled Garden activities this term. In arts and crafts, they are building rockets to go alongside our Space topic this term. Baking is hugely popular, and the children have made delicious cinnamon swirls, vanilla and raspberry cupcakes and some ranch dip and vegetable sticks.

The Form 6 Star of the Fortnight this week is Harry. He has been working hard in class and has been very helpful and kind to others. Well done!