Belhaven Hill School

A Boarding & Day School for Boys and Girls aged 6-13


Pre-Prep Curriculum

We have built a curriculum which is centred around exciting and varied topics that blends traditional and modern education, indoors and outdoors, natural and digital. This ensures maximum engagement from the children and offers them the opportunity to learn about topics in depth. It allows them to apply different skills that they acquire across the curriculum.

The Belhaven Pre-Prep curriculum will follow a blend of the best of the Curriculum for Excellence and the National Curriculum, like the Prep school, and will be delivered through a play-based curriculum. High quality and enthusiastic teachers will instil a love of learning in the children and equip them with the skills for their future education.

A playful Outdoor Education programme that builds resilience and supports mental wellbeing is a key feature of a Belhaven Pre-Prep education.

Daily maths, phonics and literacy are taught across all year groups, introducing the principles and allowing for consolidation across each term. The remainder of the core subjects are delivered through the creative curriculum, with Science, History, Geography, RMPS, Music, Drama, Art and Computer Science all linked together through a termly topic.

Broad topics are covered including: ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ and ‘To Infinity and Beyond’ and we will be encouraging the children towards our 3D model - Discover, Discuss and Develop - at every stage of their Pre-Prep journey.

Children are encouraged to delve deeper into their topics, both at school and at home, and to learn skills such as creativity, problem-solving and resilience. These skills, alongside knowledge and understanding, prepare the children for the transition to the Prep school at age 8 (in Form 5) and also, most importantly, for life outside of school.

Our Pre-Prep boys and girls will benefit from the success of our 100 year-old, all-round education ethos, which sends children on to the UK’s best senior schools.

Outdoor Learning

Our Outdoor Education specialist will take each class for one session a week. The children will be encouraged to explore the 20-acre campus and the nearby Belhaven Bay and John Muir Country Park.

Outdoor Education further reinforces the skills learnt and nurtured within the classroom, and provides the vehicle to develop these in other ways. Skills such as resilience, confidence and empathy are all encouraged and modelled to the children. This continues in the Prep school, with the ultimate ambition being that all children will leave Belhaven with a nationally-recognised navigation qualification and a range of bushcraft survival skills.

The newly-refurbished classrooms will have their own dedicated outdoor area to enable learning to take place outside the classroom. The teachers plan for the use of these areas, and whilst sometimes used solely for play, they are also an extension of the classroom; an area for the children to further develop and utilise what they learn inside the classroom.

Computer Science

Belhaven aims to build important foundation skills in computers, computational thinking and problem solving. The school has been investing in an exciting Digital education project which will also benefit Pre-Prep children.

Each of the Pre-Prep Forms will have access to a bank of school iPads to enhance learning and will have one lesson of Computer Science per week.

During these lessons, children will be programming robots to complete tasks, programming animations, investigating how technology has shaped the world around them and learning of the many ways in which safe access to technology can enhance their learning.


A love of music, whether individual or collaborative, will be shared with the children from the beginning of their time in Pre-Prep. Music will be taught as a curriculum subject and will tie in with topic work undertaken in other areas of the timetable, as well as being delivered through extra-curricular activities.

Music specialists from the Prep School will visit each class twice a week concentrating on the elements of music as well as exploration of new instruments. Music is very popular at Belhaven, where more than 90% of pupils in the Prep school have individual lessons.


Pupils at Belhaven are kept busy and active, and sport forms a crucial part of their daily curriculum. Using the Prep school's extensive facilities such as the sports hall, heated outdoor pool, astro-turf and tennis courts, the children further benefit from all that Belhaven’s all-round education has to offer. In the Autumn Term, they will learn the basics of rugby and hockey; in the Spring Term, football, hockey and netball and, in the Summer Term, cricket, rounders, tennis and athletics.  Swimming tuition will be available all year round. 

Children will have a chance to represent the school in Form 6 when they will join with Form 5 in the Prep school to play for the U9's and therefore start the transition from Pre-Prep to Prep school.  

Art and Design

Art and Design are two of the most important elements of a Belhaven education. The encouragement of creativity is one of our core values and permeates through our whole curriculum and ethos.  Our wonderful Prep school Art room will be available for use by the Pre-Prep. Its views over the Bass Rock and Belhaven Bay are inspirational.

From an early stage, the children will be encouraged to learn about the design process so that they are capable of making best use of the full range of facilities as they go up through the school.