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Pre-Prep: Outdoor Education Update

Pre-Prep: Outdoor Education Update

Lettuce celebrate the Pre-Prep Gardening Squad - they really dig it!

Outdoor Education has seen the incredibly enthusiastic Pre-Prep Gardening Squad work exceedingly hard to help clear, weed and prepare the vegetable beds and polytunnel in order to sow and grow vegetables!


In tandem with Forms 7 and 8's classroom topics, they have been learning all about the plant life cycle, growing your own food and the benefits of, with regard to sustainability and healthy eating. Alongside the many benefits of physically getting our hands dirty amongst the peas and quiet of nature, the sensory and fine motor skill development and the importance of responsibility, the children have shown incredible teamwork and communication skills. These sessions have been full of laughter, good questions and discussions, and a whole lot of hard work!


All three forms have had the chance to pull up (and eat) last season's crops, to prepare and compost areas to then sow, whether directly into the beds or into pots to nurture under cover, with a little love, water and Form 8 singing!


Amongst other things, Forms 6, 7 and 8 have planted tomatoes, courgettes, carrots, potatoes, parsnips and peas! In addition, we have met many bugs along the way and learnt of their importance within the environment.


It has been such a pleasure to see how enthusiastic these gardeners have been...perhaps we should start hiring ourselves out to the gardens of East Lothian with our new skills?

Sow now to test our patience as we wait to see the fruits (and veg!) of our labour grow before our very eyes!

Mrs Lang, Pre-Prep Outdoor Education 

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